Control the Throne


Simple game. There is a throne. Person 1 sits on it. Person 2 does something to take the throne from person 1. And so on.

I find a throne in an empty room. I sit on it.
I kill ur winking kitty, throne is MINE. >=D
I don't fix the vertical hold. Go crying and give me the throne.
I fix the vertical hold. YOu are demoted because of your incompetance. I take the throne.
I throw an Ashley-doll outta the window. You wanna get it and I take the throne.
I asplode the throne :twisted:
I take the Ashley Doll, which is infact a time-traveling capable object. It transport me back in time before SiFI blow up the throne. I punch and take the throne.
I stare at you like this: :shock:

After several hours, you give up and leave the throne free.
But before SiFi can get it, I push him away and get the throne.
I make sprites representing you. They are Paper Mario based sprites.
I proceed to tear you apart and grab the phthrone.
I threaten (?) to delete your userpage. You wanna save it and I get the throne.
I beat you off. I hold the throne above my head (like in zelda games). "THRONE GET!" I erect metaphase shielding around the throne after getting on.
Metaphase shielding can't be destroyed unless hit with something such as a tri cobalt device. Your HEAD ASPLODES! I take the throne and re-erect mah shields.
I attack you with pancakes. You run away and I getz da throne.
I laugh at you. I get the throne.