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Name: Tetris Avenue

Description: Your in front of a Gate that leads into a random town. In the middle of the stage is a pit and on the edges are solid brick ground. Tetris Blocks will fall and line up with the ground, all types can line up!

Hazards: When Too Many Blocks stack Up, the bottom row will fall in the Pit and the remaining blocks fall in Place. A Heavy rock will fall down Sometimes, smashing all the blocks into the pit, leaving no block behind. Sometimes, a tetris block will fall extremely fast and meteor smash you or send you flying.

Music: Tetris Song

How to Unlock/Unlocked From Start?: Play 20 Matches

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Name: Sanctuary Fortress

Description: Preferably an epic location, like the Vault, Aerie, or Hall of Combat Mastery

Hazards: Rezbits. Everywhere.

How to Unlock/Unlocked From Start?: Unlocked from start.


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It's what they call the battlefields in Super Smash Bros. See?


Donkey Kong
Note: For SSB4, since Capcom characters are possible possibilities.

Name: Robot Master Base
Description: You battle in an end stage from Mega Man 2 (with slight tweaks) picked at random.

Hazards: Depending on the stage, Metal Man, Air Man, Bubble Man, Quick Man, Crash Man, Flash Man, Heat Man, or Wood Man.

Music: Dr. Wily's level music from Mega Man 2.

Unlockability: Play as Mega Man 20 times.


King Bowser
Name: N's Castle

Description: The stage looks exactly like the throne room of N's Castle. The stage is located where you battle N in Pokemon BW.

Hazards: After 20 sec. in battle, Zekrom or Reshiram will come crashing in the background similar to their entrance from Pokemon Black and White. Every now and then they will do an attack.
Reshiram: Creates a pillar of fire in the middle of the stage (similar to Entei's)
Zekrom: Turns into a ball of lightning, flies up, then flies across the stage. After that he goes back into his normal position.
Both: Uses Hyper Voice. Zekrom and Reshiram scream. Anyone in the radius of the scream takes damage and are launched.
Uses Ancient Power. Rocks come up from the background then flies (with force) to the stage. Anyone hit by the rocks take minimal damage.

Final N Battle:
Cynthia Battle:
Gen III Elite Four Battle:

Unlockability: Win Classic with 3 different characters from the Pokemon series. (Difficulty has to be Normal or higher.)


L - N - 1
Name: Sandship

Description: The Sandship from Skyward Sword

Hazards: The other ship that has a Timeshift Stone randomly goes across causing it to be the past. In the past, the Technoblins and the Archers will attack you. If they run away, that means Tentalus is coming. After he comes, the ship will be teared in half. One half will sink(instant KO), the other will float and you must avoid the tentacles. The ship will completely recover after Tentalus goes away(Note: Tentalus is invincible here)

Inside the Sandship Theme(Past):
Scaldera/Tentalus Theme:
Stalfos Miniboss:
Sand Sea Theme(Past):
Lanayru Mining Facility(Past):

Unlocking it: You must play in stages of past games 50 times


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Tentalus isn't a boss from the past, it shows up in the present and destroys the Timeshift Stone on the Sandship before the fight. Also, the archers were in the present, not the past.


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I suppose the point about the Timeshift Stone does stand, since it probably can function fine underwater (or sand, as it were). And you're right about the archers being in the past too.


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Bowser's Castle (Mario Kart Wii)

Self-explanatory picture:

Bowser's Castle (Mario Kart Wii)
Bowser's Castle (Mario Kart Double Dash)
Tower (New Super Mario Bros.)

Gumball Machine

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I think I had a Bowser's Castle stage in another thread a long time ago. If only I could find it.

Not sure if I also did this idea already but...

Name: Airship
Series: Super Mario Bros.
Airship (Super Mario Galaxy)
Airship (Super Mario Bros. 3)
Bowser's Castle (Superstar Saga)
Road To Bowser (64/Galaxy/Galaxy2)
Stage: A scrolling stage that involves you navigating the koopalings' airships while dodging cannonballs, Bullet Bills, torches, and balancing on screw platforms. ? Blocks are still present and give a food item when hit even if items are turned off. Once an airship ends, the players must jump to the next airship directly behind it.
How to unlock: Complete both Classic and All-Star Mode with :bowser:


L - N - 1
Name: Fracktail
Description: If not already obvious, you are riding the boss of Super Paper Mario, Fracktail.
Hazards: Fracktail will ocassionally(it has some pattern of some sort) rotate 360º, if so, you must jump to his head when you're almost at the end of the tail, or you will fall and be KO'd.

Fracktail theme(Super Paper Mario)
Yold Desert(Super Paper Mario)
Mini-Boss Theme(TTYD)
Mr. L(Super Paper Mario)
Whatever else would work for this stage(some game)

Unlockable: From Start
I Updated the List.

Name: Unova Poke Floats

Description: Poke floats from Melee with Unova Pokemon and a sunset/morning/night background depending on the time of day

Hazards: Some Pokemon have different damaging parts, like an electric pokemon having an electrified part.

Music: Black/White Wild Battle
Black/White Trainer Battle
Black/White Gym Battle
Poke Floats (Melee)

Unlocked From Start


L - N - 1
Name: Beat Block Galaxy

Description: Beat Block Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2

Hazards: The Beat Blocks change every beat depending on the song being played. You could easily fall. Thankfully there are blocks that will never disappear.

Beat Block Galaxy Theme(SMG2)
Tall Trunk Slide(SMG2)
Ball Rolling(SMG/2)
Melty Molten Galaxy(SMG)
Athletic Theme(NSMBWii)

Unlocked from Start


Gallade is awesome.
Pokemon Stadium 3

Type Transformations:
Fighting(punching bags like in Luigi's mansion and treadmills)
Dragon(sometimes tips slightly, edges can turn into dragon mouths)
Dark(it gets very dark sometimes so you can't see what you're doing)
Poison(acid splashes up through the floor)

Pokemon Stadium 1
Pokemon Stadium 2
Pokemon Black/White Main Theme
other pokemon themes
Updated the List again!

Name: Sealed Grounds

Description: The Sealed Grounds Spiral from Skyward Sword. You start at the top of the hill and walk down the hill as the camera moves until you reach the bottom and are sent back up by a huge gust of wind from an air hole

Hazards: Air Holes will blow air up and make you helpless to stop going up until your near the boundaries before you fall back down. When you get to the bottom*SPOILERS* The Imprisoned will unleash itself and as you battle in the middle of the spiral floor, it will be behind the fight creating shockwaves. Groose will also shoot bombs down sometimes which may hit anybody anywhere at anytime. *SPOILERS END*

Music: Sealed Grounds
The Imprisoned Fight
Sky view Temple

Unlockability: Win 50 Battles as Link


L - N - 1
Name: World 8 Mix

Description: A mix of the portions of the stages of World 8 of NSMBWii, including Airship and Castle. You will be teleported and which stage, it'll be random

Hazards: Lava will cause you 20% damage per hit and a lot of knockback, also, if you fall out of the airship stage, you will be KO'd.

World 8 Map(NSMBWii)
Volcano Underground(NSMBWii)
Volcano Overworld(NSMBWii)
Bowser Battle(NSMBWii)
Airship Theme(NSMBWii)
Castle Theme(NSMBWii)
Main Theme(NSMBWii)
Main Theme(SMB1)
Athletic Theme(NSMBWii)

Unlockability: Play a total of 100 times as Mario or Luigi.


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Name: Boxing Ring

Description: The boxing ring from Punch Out! Sometimes, the referee mario will come out.

Hazards: Mike Tyson will occasionally appear.

Music: Mike Tyson's Song
Okay, Updating the list again.

Name: Cookie Country

Description: The level select in Kirby Wii for World 1. It is the same shape as the level select but excludes the doors.

Hazards: The tree in the background of where the boss door is will sometimes transform into Whispy Woods. It will either shake its leaves and make apples and sometimes the stray Gordo rain from the sky. Or he will blow a strong wind that pushed every player.

Cookie Country
Mid Boss Theme
Boss Theme

unlockablity: Start


L - N - 1
Name: Skyloft Silent Realm

Description: The Silent Realm of Skyloft

Hazards: Every 90 seconds of if a player falls on water/gets spotted by the Poe thingies, the guardians will wake up for 30 seconds. They can cause a lot of damage and knockback

Faron's Silent Realm(Skyward Sword)
Lanayru's Silent Realm(Skyward Sword)
Din's Silent Realm(Skyward Sword)
Skyloft Silent Realm(Skyward Sword)
Skyloft(Skyward Sword)
Knight Academy(Skyward Sword)

Unlockabilty: Play in any Zelda stage a total of 100 times.

I honestly don't know why I did this.

Glitchy Bowser Jr.

"Stuff it, sponge brain!"
Name: Bowser Jr. Highway

Description: A huge highway built by Bowser Jr.. It has a lot of Mario enemies.

Hazards: Goombas, Koopas, Hammer Bros., Tail Goombas, Bullet Bills, amd Piranha Plants

Music: Bowser Jr.'s Airship Aremenda, Mushrrom City

How to Unlock/Unlocked From Start?: Play as Bowser Jr. fifty times