Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Talk


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This thread is about Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Talk about anything in the game. I beat the game once and I am currently beating it again.


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I don't think you can beat Mario Kart Double Dash but you can get 100% on it.


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Double Dash!! is pretty much one of the very few Mario Kart titles in which all karts are good on any track. Being able to hold your drift when you hit walls does help.


Gallade is awesome.
It has Petey Piranha. That instantly makes the game awesome.
Even after getting MK7 this is still my favorite Mario Kart game. It's perfect! Bomb-omb Blast and Shine Thief, Two players in a kart, special items.....


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I've 100% this many times, and it's my favorite one of the series. I've even dodged a blue shell by drifting on occasion :D For 50 and 100cc, I'd usually pick Yoshi+Bowser Jr or Yoshi+Diddy Kong. For 150cc and Mirror, I'd choose either Baby Luigi+Koopa, Baby Luigi+ Bowser Jr. or Baby Luigi+ Diddy Kong. I love ALL the courses in this game, there's none that I hate. Though I have horrible luck on Rainbow Road, I still love it XD And Baby Park is really hectic in that game, especially with Bowser shells all over the place XD


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I have no idea why they've never brought Bob-omb Blast back since it was the best battle mode ever.


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Boidoh said:
Nope, more annoying in Double Dash!! The "Hi, I'm Daisy" thing was annoying.
That's the only thing wrong with her though. In Mario Kart Wii, she's way too hyperactive (even more than Funky Kong, to say the least).