Who do you use in MK7?

What characters do you use in MK7? I usually use Toad, Yoshi, Shy Guy, Wiggler, or Rosalina. Have yet to unlock Lakitu and Metal Mario to try them.

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Cherries and Berries
I'll use all characters at one point, but my majors are Toad, Lakitu, and Luigi.


King Bowser
I remember only using one character in MKWii and MKDS (Yoshi and now Diddy Kong for MKWii), but in MK7 I constantly switch around Yoshi, Rosalina, Wiggler, and maybe Honey Queen sometimes.

Propeller Toad

Dislikes the amount of neglect Toad receives...
Regardless of how I perceive the game (once obtaining it), I will always choose Toad. I might use Lakitu as a secondary (though mostly Toad will be my main).


Koopa Troopa and Shy Guy. I like lightweights, and Lakitu, who I was planning to use, ended up having an unbearable voice.

Lily x

I am going to use Peach for 50cc flower and mushroom cup then 150cc star cup. After that I get Rosalina then be her all the time.


King Bowser
Gummy said:
Koopa Troopa and Shy Guy. I like lightweights, and Lakitu, who I was planning to use, ended up having an unbearable voice.
I actually like Lakitu's voice. I was planning to use Honey Queen occasionally but then I heard her voice. Now I only use her VERY rarely.
I usually always get the Girl parts when I choose randomly. Lakitu in the Birthday Girl and Peach Parasol was funny.


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I used to use Mario, but now I choose Bowser instead. I like the change, but Bowser has a drop in accelerating and handling.


Star Spirit
I don't have it yet. But I imagine I'll use Luigi like I usually do. Some reason always like playing as him in the Mario kart games ever since Mario Kart 64. Maybe I just have fond memories of the satisfaction of hitting somebody and Luigi saying "Bingo, Ho ho ho ho"


Cosmic Beauty
I don't have the game yet, but I'll probably start out with Yoshi. Of course, things could change when I unlock new kart parts.

Penguin Mario

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I mainly use Mario or Metal Mario, but I sometimes use Shy Guy and Wiggler.


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Donkey Kong. Haven't unlocked any characters yet, only Mush-wheels and flower cup.


Shine Sprite
If I had the game I would be Yoshi or Lakitu or Wario (I used him a lot in MK64). Sadly I don't have the game and my friend and I play multiplayer so I am Blue Shy Guy


Cosmic Beauty
I know that I replyed already, but I'm just going in-depth with my picks, despite still not owning the game yet...

Feather: Koopa Troopa
Light: Yoshi
Medium: Mario
Cruiser: Rosalina
Heavy: TBD

Kart Body: Any body, except Koopa Clown, and Tiny Tug
Kart Wheels: Standard, Roller, Slim, Monster*, Red Monster, Wood
Kart Glider: Any glider, but probably the Paraglider the most

*Before unlocking the Red Monster. Once unlocked, the Monster won't be used as much.

Regarding some of the combos that I might implement...

1: Koopa Troopa + Zucchini + Red Monster + Paraglider
2: Yoshi + Egg 1 + Roller + Paraglider
3: Mario + B Dasher + Slim + Paraglider
4: Rosalina + Birthday Girl + Roller + Paraglider