Favorite Brawl Kirby Character

What is your favorite Kirby character that is in Brawl?

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Yoshi! Yoshi!
Well I like Kirby, what about you? In brawl there are three Kirby characters. Which is your favorite?

Propeller Toad

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I always preferred Kirby. He was always an extrememly fun character to use (in my opinion), and I generally like his gameplay over King Dedede and Meta Knight.


Gallade is awesome.
DDD helped me defeat Tabuu, and Meta Knight is too banned, and Kirby is too hungry, and DDD is too awesome to be compared to those guys.


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Kirby. Meta Knight is a close second. Dedede i never really played as much.


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Kirby himself. He's awesome and has awesome games


Yoshi! Yoshi!
I think Meta Knight a lot more or less...... but Kirby is still my favorite no matter how great I am MK

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Eep. I can't decide whether it's King Dedede or Kirby. Kirby is really fun to play as, but I'm sort of better with King Dedede. Meta Knight I used to like, but I can't really get the hang of him, I prefer someone with more power.


Yoshi! Yoshi!
I like Meta Knight and King DeDeDe equally so it would not be fair if I chose either of them.


Donkey Kong
I like King Dedede the most out of the characters from the Kirby series. He's one of my manes. (pun intended)


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I've always liked Kirby, he's easy to use for me. I don't care about Meta Knight's or Dedede's or in fact, anyone's tier placing.


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King DeDeDe is way to slow and bulky for me (this is why I don't like playing as Bowser, DK, or Wario too much). I chose Kirby, because he is fun to play and he has some good attacks (even if he doesn't swallow someone).