Invent your own Mario item or power-up


Wasn't there a thread like this, locked long ago, resting in the depths of Fan Creations?



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Rubber Mario! You eat a Rubber Flower and you can now, uh, what could someone made of rubber do?

Vera Misham

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Well, there was sort of a thread for this:

Not exactly the same, but it does let you choose your own power-ups.


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Yep. I would have to say (also my idea) SkeleShroom, which allows mario and his bro. to turn into Dry Mario, and Dry Luigi, where they can swim through lava! :bowser: will be toast!


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Bowser Flower, Luigi will have Bowser's shell and Bowser's horn also he can shoot fireball from his hands

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Water Mario! It lets you surf on land when you're running. You can shoot water balls to extinguish fire and squirt water for enemies right on top of you!

Yeah, I have to be more creative than that.

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Except for Leaf Mario, Ninja Mario, Whip Mario, Missile Mario, etc.

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Ornithologist Mario said:
Except for Leaf Mario, Ninja Mario, Whip Mario, Missile Mario, etc.
How dare you forget Spear Mario

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We also need Sword Mario and Cutter Mario.


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Bomb Flower: Gives Mario the ability to throw Bombs. Can be used to destroy multiple brick blocks and wooden blocks.


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I've done three already. Can I post them?

If not, here's one I made up off the top of my head: Hypno Flower. Makes it so Mario/Luigi can hyponotize and enemy, and the player can control the enemy (to make the jump off a cliff or whatever.) Like Odd World I guess.

Vera Misham

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Why are people suggesting Kirby's powerups? Other than that, I have no idea, but a Dry Mario would definetly be somthing I would like to see.

Eric B

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Mario&½. Instead of Super Mario, the powerup makes him 1½ times his size, and inbetween little and super Mario. He has to hit blocks more than once to break them. Being powered down makes him Mini Mario (with all the Mini Mario features)

Also, bring back the "little fiery Mario" bug as a legitimate powerup. (And becoming hit makes you big but vulnerable). This can also be done with other powerups as well (raccoon, ice, etc).

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Epic Nitwit said:
Why are people suggesting Kirby's powerups?
My sister and I are big fans of Kirby games :P

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Let's throw in squirting Mario shall we? Instead of swimming around, sinking, and avoiding enemies in boring water levels, why can't we give Mario a form of attack that is readily accessible no matter what state he is in? I mean, no wonder so many people dislike Mario's water levels! Mario can do almost nothing underwater other than swimming most of the time.

Vera Misham

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So, sort of like the Frog suit, with a few different things. But, the "Never runs out of air" thing would only work in games like SMG or SM64. Still, its a good idea.


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Bright Mushroom. Makes you truns bright, similir to the Bright Berry or whatever it's called.

Red Bull. Mario obtains wings that last longer and are way better than Wing Mario.


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Unlucky 13

Curses every enemy on screen, as in making them disappear. Will reappear in 1 minute.


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How about some power-ups based on the Mario Party 2 costumes hm?

Anchor = Pirate Mario
After grabbing the Anchor item Mario can now swing a sword to attack enemies or blocks in front of him. It also allows faster more controlled swimming in the water. It's like a combination of Raccoon Mario (without flying) and Frog Mario (without boosted jump)

Horseshoe = Cowboy Mario
Grabbing the Horseshoe will allow Mario to run extra fast and turn into a tumbleweed that rolls across the ground. The tumbleweed can roll on top of water and across spikes safely.

Spacesuit = Space Mario
A throwback to Super Mario Land 2, Mario dons a spacesuit which makes him jump higher and farther with less gravity.

Hammer = Explorer Mario
A throwback to Mario Picross, Mario wears an explorer's outfit and carries a hammer. He can attack ANY enemy in front of him, even a Thwomp. He can also destroy block that normally could only be destroyed by Bob-ombs.

Magic Wand = Magic Mario
Very rare item. After stomping a Magikoopa they may drop their wand which will bounce around. Grab it and Mario can now use the spells a Magikoopa could use. Turn enemies and blocks into coins or sometimes 1-Up Mushrooms!