Which Pokeball Do You Use To Catch Legendaries?

Which Pokeball Do You Mostly Use To Catch Legendaries?

  • Timer Ball

    Votes: 3 15.0%
  • Great Ball

    Votes: 1 5.0%
  • Ultra Ball

    Votes: 7 35.0%
  • Dusk Ball

    Votes: 3 15.0%
  • Master Ball

    Votes: 3 15.0%
  • Quick Ball

    Votes: 2 10.0%
  • Pokeball

    Votes: 1 5.0%

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King Bowser
So which Pokeball do you usually use to catch legendaries. I only put Pokeballs that are useful on catching legendaries except the Pokeball.

I always use the Dusk Ball and I always try catch them at night time but I used to use the Ultra Balls.
I mainly use Ultra Balls and Timer Balls. But in White, I captured my Legendary with 3 Pokeballs (sorry, don't know the name, I'm not too familiar with Gen V). And in my original HeartGold file, I captured Zapdos with a Net Ball.
Timer since most battles take a long time Timer balls work the best
Dusk Balls are the best.

I mean seriously you get a 3.5x catch rate and all you have to do is wait until night. Ultra Balls only get you 2x catch rate.
Ussually Ultra, but I have a bad habit of throwing random pokeballs and hoping for the best, it works, i caught my Virizion with a heal ball and my Kyrem with a repeat ball when Ultra balls and Great balls failed.
I used to use the masterball when I was younger; however, nowadays I use the regular Pokeball. And it actually works as well! I seem to oddly have better chances of capturing a legendary with regular Pokeballs as opposed to Great or even Ultra balls.
Link said:
I save masterballs for annoying roaming ledgendaries
Excatly what I did with Tornadus.

I usually use a Quick Ball and then go to Dusk Balls if it's nighttime. Otherwise I turn to Ultra Balls. Every once in a while I throw a Timer Ball when I get bored. Sometimes I stray from normal strategies, like when i caught Landorus with a Luxury Ball.
Link said:
I save masterballs for annoying roaming ledgendaries, but I have 900 pokeballs on black :(.

I never use my Masterball just in case the other legendaries I encounter are shiny. If none are then I save it for the next game or I never use it at all.
Dusk Balls or Ultra Balls. I usually use my Master Ball in each game for a roaming legendary. Also Timer Balls for the REALLY hard-to-catch legendaries.
I only used my Master Ball on Thundurus because I was SRing to get one with Hidden Power Ice and a Modest/Timid nature.

Otherwise I'm fine with catching the roaming legendaries, it's actually fun to me. Especially since Gen V gives you the rain so you don't have to check your Pokedex each time you enter a route.
Quick Balls, then Ultra and/or Dusk Balls. I caught Cresselia with a Luxury Ball in Platinum, though.
Dive or Cherish Ball

Ultra Ball, without using cheat codes
To be specific i use a mix of all the Pokeballs than when that fails i yell god damn it and i repeat the cycle...god i hate the Regis
It does depend on the legendary Pokemon that I'm dealing with. Sadly, I do end up using my Master Ball on the uber ranked legendaries. I have major problems with the roaming legendaries though, since their natures and IVs are set, even before you meet them; you're screwed if they don't have the right nature, and their IVs are too low.
Yeah, I was planning to EV train my Thundurus unfortunately it's nature decreases it's Special Attack.
I use Dusk Balls mostly, because most legendaries are in caves. I also like their cool effect.

Otherwise, Ultra Balls are what I use.
Yes... I would love to see his video.
I LOL'd at the Articuno and Zapdos one. He took, like, only 3 Ultra Balls to catch Articuno and A POKE BALL to catch Zapdos :D