What were the Typos you found in videogames?


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So, tell us some Typos you found in any videogame! So far, i found 2: In Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, when goombella tattles the Chain Chomp, she calls it CHOMP-chomp
AND, in Super Paper Mario, O'Cabbage misspells ASPARGUS for ASPARAGUS


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Raphael said:
In TTYD: "You got a Super Boots!" and "You got an Ultra Boots!"
Both are right.


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Harvest Moon 64 as a lot of errors. Here's a few:

If you marry Karen and then talk to her while she's making dinner, she'll say "Wellcome home dear!"

And here's a really bad typo: The developers of the game actually spell their name wrong. On the title screen it calls them "Natume" instead of "Natsume".


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In the Mario & Luigi Partners in Time instruction booklet:

Something along the lines of "to make the corresponding menu will appear"

In the Mario Kart DS instruction booklet:

"Perfpm a mini turbo"


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Mega Man 7:

"I don't trust you, Wily! I gonna do what I should have done YEARS ago!!!"

Mega Man X (X Collection version):

"Why, X!? Why you done this to us!?"


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Mega Man X3:

NO! How can this great power can be generated from within such an ancient machine?!


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Mega Man 8:

"Bass, why you don't understand?"

Mega Man 10:

"Now we gotta teach that old cook a lesson he won't soon forget!"

Japanese Knuckles' Chaotix manual:

"Mighity the Armadillo"