Guilty Plesures

Lily x

What are yours? Mine
1.Bakugan-I shouldn't like it, but its soooo easy to get into
2.The rolling stones-Gorillaz and white stripes fangirlism is my pride but rolling stones is more secritive
3.Pokemon anime-Yeah, a 14 year old girl stilll watches it
4.I think Link is hawt- Yeah, I shout it out here but I dare not tell anyone at school or anyone in my family, although my brother may have worked me out...
5.I watch the apprentice- my Mums friend got me and my Mum into it XD.
Ok mine are absurd, whats yours?
1. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (if it was still on tv or YouTube! :mad:)
2. Pokemon anime
3. Watching LPs on YouTube
4. Watching TMNT (if only 4Kids and/or Nickelodeon would release the last season on DVD).
5. Phineas and Ferb
6. ice cream
7. pizza
Smooth move MCS.

Anyway I have a guilty pleasure:


People online seem too accept me watching it (sometimes) but people laugh at me IRL.
I used to love ppg
Doncamatic-Gorillaz feat daley
first listen-ok... Daley sounds like a girl
second listen-Wow this is catchy
Pokemons kind of a guilty pleasure for me because only my closest friends know I play it other than you guys and family.
I have many Mario toys, I wear Mario shirts, I put Mario stickers on my parent's car, and I'm, well, obsessed with him.

I also feed my local scrub jays peanuts.
1.Big fan of the Fairly Oddparents
2.Huge fan of Baby Luigi
3.I play several "boy" games such as Diablo and Starcraft and I did enjoy some FPS
I didn't say cocaine. I said Coke.

Coke is a guilty pleasure because all it basically is is sugar water
Coke>>>>>Sunkist or any fruity sodas. Really. Coke contains less sugar than them

But Coke is pure sugar. That's why it's kinda guilty.
B-movies. Lots and lots of b-movies. Of course, given my username, that is to be expected.