Penguin vs Frog

Which Mario's powerup is best?

  • Penguin/NSMBW

    Votes: 15 68.2%
  • Frog/SMB3

    Votes: 7 31.8%

  • Total voters


Power Star
I pick penguin because he can float on water and throw ice and frog have problems with land

Propeller Toad

Dislikes the amount of neglect Toad receives...
The penguin suit is a lot more appealing to me in comparison to the frog suit. Yes, the characters did look quite funny while jumping as a frog while wearing the suit, the penguin suit in my opinion is a lot more interesting (as it has two functions) and it is also much more fun to use.

Dark Light

Cherries and Berries
Penguin>>>>Frog. At least you can shoot Ice Balls, AND toboggan, AND swim better underwater


Cosmic Beauty
Penguin Suit is better, overall. Swims better, handles slippery terrain, walks on land better, and has access to Ice Balls.


Glory to the Shroob Empire! Long live the Shroobs!
Penguin suit because it's a freaking penguin.

Gumball Machine

Celestial Guide
Both suits let you swim easier, but that's the only advantage the Frog Suit has.

As stated by others, the Penguin Suit has more uses.

Plus, in real life, penguins are awesome. Frogs are just slimy, disgusting, germy amphibians. *gets unpleasant memories of dissecting frogs in 7th Grade science class,*

Dark Light

Cherries and Berries
I like frogs as well, but I like penguins better. Emperor Penguins are my favorite.

If they are going to return suits, they should return Penguin instead of Frog

Dark Light

Cherries and Berries
The frog suit has only one use: better swimming and I think there are few water levels.

Brawl Mario

Super Smash Bros.'s most fearsome plumber
Penguin Suit, not only because of function, but Mario looks cute.


Shine Sprite
This is a tough decision for me, since I'm more of a fan of SMB3 than NSMBW. I guess I'll have to choose the Penguin suit, since it has more functionality, although I do like the Frog Suit's swimming controls better than the Penguin Suit's. :-\