Koopa's two legs or four legs?


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I'am confused at the moment about why Koopa's walk on two legs in some mario games and four in others. Can any of you guys explain this because it's so confusing to me. ???
Actually, they use the two leg version for some games and things where the Koopa's need hands (like Mario Kart Wii)
And, the only game I recall with the four legs is the galaxy games.
The koopas always have 4 legs, it just depends on whether they use them or not.


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NSM said:
And, the only game I recall with the four legs is the galaxy games.
Actually, they walk on four legs in many early Mario games, such as Super Mario Land 2.


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I'm guessing their design just evolved. A lot of enemies looked different in their early appearances than they do nowadays. "Crawling" versions appearing in more recent games are probably references to their original Shellcreeper-like design; Nintendo likes to put references to earlier games everywhere, especially the NES era ones. Certainly doesn't make much sense "in-universe", but very few things about the Mario series do, and it doesn't really try to be anything more than a video game series with little to no continuity, so there's nothing wrong with that.


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I believe they are four-legged, since they're based off of turtles and that's what they were like in Super Mario Bros. They sometimes just feel like standing up, I guess.


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By my perspective, there are two Koopa Troopa variations; the two-legged ones, and the four-legged ones. The two-legged Koopas are just more common nowadays than the four-legged variants.

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I think they are subspecies of each other. Their anatomy seems different.
Well they walked on 4 legs in the older games and became bipedal in most of the newer ones. I think when they walk on 4 legs in the new games like in Galaxy it's just a reference to the old style of koopas. They walk on 2 legs except in space I guess. Maybe those are space koopas. :)

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Doesn't look like the four-legged Koopas have the structure to evolve into two-legs so I don't think they are babies.

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Eh, I prefer two legged Koopas. The four legged ones recently look too angry.


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IIRC the "four-legged" koopas in SMG/2 have thumbs.