The mighty search for an ugly Christmas cardigan!


Hey cats,

This is preeeeetty random, and not game related in the slightest, but I am slightly desperate to complete this personal little side quest and I hope there are some savvy humans out there that might be able to assist. A buddy of mine bought this Super Mario ugly Christmas sweater like a month ago from Winners as a gift for someone, and now he's dying to pick one up for himself. He attempted to go back to Winners to snag another, but of course they were sold out. As were all the other locations in town.
And thusly, a quest was born.
Now, one would think finding this sweater online would not be that challenging. It's an official Nintendo brand garment, and obviously manufactured somewhat recently, a quick google search should solve this, right?
Wrong. Very wrong.
After hours of sleuthing the interwebs, I have some up empty handed. Nothing even remotely resembling the sweater I seek. Now, one would think searching the sweater's SKU would be the obvious next step. But! Life just isn't that fair. This particular sweater prefers to live off the grid, so there is no identifying numbers to be found. Anywhere. There's a PO number and what I assume is a zip code for California, but thats all.
Here'a where you come in. Pls2halp me find this elusive silly sweater wherever it hails from in the multiverse! I will post all ze photos in my possession to aid in its identification, and hopefully someone, somewhere, can point me the direction to locate it.

So go forth, my fellow nerds! Aid this fair maiden in her journey to locate this holiest of grails for another fellow nerd! Someone knows something, so I am lighting the torches and trusting that the hive mind can get the task done.



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Huh, that's weird. I've seen the Nintendo sweaters, like 3 Mario varients, and I believe some zelda ones, and a metroid one, at Gamestop, But that was before christmas, I wonder if they're still there..
Nerp. Its all gone. It seems like a really one off kinda item, I doubt Gamestop was selling it.