Intoducing Super Mario Bros. Super Forum!

Hello, there! I am Nostreamgia, and I am proudly presenting you "Super Mario Bros. Super Forum". Its a Mario Fan Forum, and I welcome you all to the forum! We are working on this forum for Somedays now, Me and my friends are working really hard to i9nvite participans. I dont really know how to get more members, So I am writing it here. As you know, I am telling you a small hisory:

Me and my friends originally wanted a to make a Super Mario Forum, but I wanted to make it a typical "SMBX" Forum. After the failure of that forum, we came back to the original concept. Come and have fun!

How to get in?

Click Here:

I really dont know how to have members, So I am posting here. If you know anything about growing a forum, please comment. I am relying on you guys. :( 😢

Please Note that I will connect it to a proper Domain name, so wait...........

Update: After Making it a normal Mario forum, there are more members joining than. usual.

Update#2: 50 members! Thank you everyone!

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But all these things already apply to here.