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    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu. Battled someone locally for the first time. His team was wayyy overleveled and crushed me in the first match. But I managed to win the second time because I'm a more experienced battler and figured out his play style, lol.
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    UK/USA Differences/Similarities

    Well for starters, the UK has the Queen, while the USA has a presidential system. The UK's parliamentary system of governance is basically path-dependency Calvinball, while the USA is more formalized (although Trump is breaking a lot of norms.) I've only been to England and Scotland, but have...
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    2018 'Shroom Director Election - OVER!

    Re: 2018 'Shroom Director Election - VOTING AND DEBATE LIVE! I am pleased at how this election is going! When the elections process was created, I was hoping it would one day reach levels of this quality. But there is always room for improvement. Speaking from my personal experience, I will...
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    Rest in Peace, Walkazo

    RIP Walkazo. I still remember nominating you for crat all those years ago. What a loss—our thoughts are with her family.
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    96 Exits

    I deeeed itttttttt. :mario: :luigi: :yoshi: :posh: :waluigi:
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    At least you're not complaining that PMTTYD is a 2D game. :smug: :dk: Thank you. :posh:
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    Then it gets VERY fun. :posh:
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    Well it is called the Throwback Galaxy for a reason.
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    FINISHED. UH YEAH. :posh:
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    Favorite boss from the Mario & Luigi series (BESIDES Fawful)

    I always liked Popple and Rookie a wee bit more than Fawful.
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    Do you beleive in Jesus?

    How could you accuse Mark Twain of not writing in plainspeak? He was from Missouri, for crying out loud! :o
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    Fun facts

    Kind of? :P History nerd too. Fun Facts) Also the last candidate of the Whig Party (who endorsed the Know-Nothing Ticket), in 1856. Funny because they kicked him off the ticket in 1852. Other nonconsecutive ex-Presidential runs: Martin Van Buren also ran on the Free Soil ticket in 1848...
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    United States Presidential Election, 2012

    They have more money my boy, which means that they are more equal than others in the world of campaigning, so the Roberts Court has declared.
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    Songs currently stuck in your head

    Piilot's "The Grieving Atheist"
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    What Movies Have You Seen Recently?

    That's the best dialogue in the whole series. Harry confidently berates Voldemort in front of pretty much every character, and defeats him quickly.