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  • Probably one of the biggest life lessons from the Pokemon anime, is Ash waving goodbye to everyone he meets, promising them they'll see each other again someday, and yet never do. They move on..

    Hey! I like the way your avatar and sig together look like a whole dinosaur. :)
    How did you do it though?🧐
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    THAMKYOU !!! <3 i much appreciate your appreciation of my joke. the punchline is the text is 'the body'.

    i crop his footsies and uploaded to my profile posts to make an image link. (sites like 'imgur' also work for making image link, but it was simpler to upload on marioboard)
    In signature after linking image, i clicked 'alignment', center.
    Do dinos treat unlicensed plumbers differently from the licensed ones?
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    This one doesn't seem to have a problem with them... but for once I'm not sure if it's a dino or a horse.

    (credit to graphicsfish again)
    Yes, we gawk in amazement and cheer the licensed plumber if they show us how certified they are! and hold them to a higher standard.. please, for the love of Dino Island, don't let dinos down!
    Kazuhira Miller
    Kazuhira Miller
    My original plan was to play 3DS Mario and then move on to another 3DS series. I'm thinking now I'll still do that, but I'll also continue the Mario series on the Switch at the same time.
    person 1: If Bowser Jr is Bowser's successor, who's Mario's?

    person 2: Baby Mario

    person 1: wait..

    person 2: That's right.

    person 1: but..

    person 2: And he will surpass Mario

    person 1:
    How to make a sonic game:
    MarioBoards.Flash {
    =¥[€€[°€€[=€€==€°•°¥°¥°¥^^^¥^¥^¥^®^°¥°¥°€°™°¥¢℅€\™℅°™€℅¥€℅¥¢€°¥¢^°™€¢℅™€=[¶™€[¶{{∆[€∆{[∆{[[¶¶[™¶∆™€[¥€¢[™∆€∆[{¥€{™€{[¢[×™¶[=¢[[∆{{∆[¢[∆{¢™¥[∆℅=¢™¥[°¥™¶[=¥€=¶[¥=∆[∆[{™¥¥€∆[{™∆={[∆™{[¶{™¥[∆{™¥[¶{¥™€[¶™¥€∆=¥¢™=∆{[{™®€[{¶™¥{™¥[{{}{[™®™{[™[{[{™¢[[=™[™¶℅€[¶=¥€¶=[®€=¶=®€[==¶[€®=€¶=℅=℅€¡€{€¡¥{¥[¥=¥°¥ππ¥°¥°¥°¥°¥^¥€π℅©°¢π€℅^€^¥{©℅°®=®=®=¥{¥{}{[®¢{[[{®®¢[<®¢<℅=¢°{®℅|=℅`®=¶™℅•|℅¶€¢®^¶=®®®®™©℅=℅®℅®℅¶℅¶=℅¶=℅¶=®℅¶^¶¶°¶°°¶€®℅¶®€¶℅=€℅¶®™℅=¶℅{=℅=℅¶=℅¶=¢>>€]€]€{€=€=®°®^®^^®^®^®√©¥¥®^®^®^®¥¥®¥®^®^®¥¥®®√™™™√¡°÷{^^÷}°π×÷®^¥°{^÷®^®^{{^®{®^^{®^®™°{™{°®°^=®^¥®{{¥®¥®×™®®™×®™^×™™×®™×®™{°®™{{™°™°®×™°{®®°×™®™×°™°×®™°{™°{®°{®®™°™°™°=®™°™°=®™°=®™×®=™®™×®™×°®™×÷®™×®°®×™®°®×™®°®×™×™©™®×^®™®™®×®®™™°®™×®®®®™™×°®×^™™π™®×™®×™®^™®÷^π®™×°®™×®™®™°®™×®®™™π®™×®^™°™°°®™®°°™×®°™®×^°×™°®°×™®×™°®× °
    You won't believe what happened to me. I was at the park with my little brother and he was on the slide. I wanted to jump off in front of the slide because I wanted to pick up my brother as soon as he got to the bottom of it. When I jumped, I hit my leg then broke it.

    It was like being WASTED when I broke my leg. It doesn't hurt much now, but I don't want to go to the park with my little brother ever again after that.

    This happened 2 weeks ago. And I really fucked up.

    Here's the original post: https://www.marioboards.com/threads/41696/

    and sorry for double posting I edited it a little

    Thank you for reading, Tails The Fox.
    Made up language:
    Hello: £₱£&%@
    Ghost: ¢£&@&
    Done: €#&‰
    Make: ¥€£^
    What: £°|°℅`°°
    Peepa: ^€^¢¥¢^
    Mario: %$¥£^£^
    Boards: #€¥¥¥^
    Shadow: √|{^¢^£€©
    A genre Mario hasn't done yet: Simulation (think animal crossing)

    A character who hasn't got his own title yet: Waluigi

    Idea?!: Waluigi Wanders (title work in progress)

    Plot: Waluigi is jealous of Luigi's surging popularity, and decides to compete by becoming "the most popular bro" by doing helpful things for everyone (while also secretly stealing from them)
    sleepy idea: Bowser runs an AirBnB
    but instead of bed n breakfast it's a Bowser n Breakfast, and you're the breakfast
    compelled to say to the whole forum..

    This community is wonderful, you're wonderful. And I mean it too, I usually feel insecure in forums & fandoms, yet I feel at home with this one. Y'all are authentic, friendly and funny and smart, it feels good coming here! c: Cheers!
    Hiya folks! Biddy here, live, to tell you.. I'm new! Nice to meet you. Hope to make some friends or somethin here. nwn
    @Dr. Mario I'm from a ranch-cape of W1 3D Land, got tired of the singlefile circle walkin life, broke out of that chain and wondered into New Donk. Bowsers payments were below living wage, would you believe it?! Much better living under Pauline's management, even joined a union! C:.
    Speaking of being new here, I should get a primary care physician. Are you taking in new patients?
    Ignazio Salvaggi
    Ignazio Salvaggi
    Yeah, I take new patients all the time. They always come to me for quality care. My breakthroughs in medicine are nothing to scoff at!
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