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  • You have a character named "Riba" in the Car Wash roleplay and I keep thinking he's a fish because "riba" means fish in Russian.
    *Slaps roof of Mario Boards* This bad boy has so many of my friends in it.
    Jack Black
    Jack Black
    imagine having friends
    Mister M
    Mister M
    Imagine having friends that I see in real life.

    I have, like, two or three.
    The Sonic Comics can be good if you ignore the fanbase.

    EDIT: Don't get me wrong, I do like the Sonic Comics, but I am afraid to read them since I don't like to be associated with the cringy 8-year olds who ship their OCs.
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    Mister M
    Mister M
    Yea, but fanbases tend to get out of hand and ruin stuff for me.

    They make OCs and ship them to hell and back and it bogs down what's actually good.
    The Return of Mario Claus
    The Return of Mario Claus
    I quite enjoy the Archie comics (mainly Pre-SGW continuity) and more recently the IDW ones as well.
    Mr. L
    Mr. L
    Don't remind me of my sonic phase. I shipped my oc hedgehog with a mobian pegasus version of luigi.
    Anime > Manga
    opinion zone:
    i will be listing only works where i have completed both the anime and the manga(or if the manga is ongoing atleast read enough of it)
    ==anime > manga==
    flying witch
    ichigo marshmallow
    mahoutsukai ni taisetsu na koto
    kono sekai no katasumi ni
    mimi wo sumaseba

    ==manga > anime==
    soremachi(by a lot)
    usagi drop(largely thanks to not adapting past the timeskip)

    ==both are good but the anime adapts a very small subset of the content so i would recommend reading the manga==
    aoi hana
    hourou musuko
    gunslinger girl(although i do think the anime(season 1) is a "complete" work in its own right largely because the manga has fairly drastic pacing changes between arcs so the anime not getting to the point that it has to adapt, like, the petrushka introduction arc is probably for the better in some ways, although i would have loved to see that)
    amaama to inazuma
    koukaku no pandora
    gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun(i think the anime has a slight edge in regards to serious emotional moments but)
    spirit of wonder
    kodomo no jikan
    sora no manimani(one day it will be scanlated)

    ==both are good but the MANGA has a very small subset of the content the anime has==
    haibane renmei
    hana to alice: satsujin jiken(the anime and the manga are so vastly different this practically doesn't even belong on a comparison of adaptions)

    ==both are good and the anime actually does adapt enough==
    koe no katachi
    koi kaze
    I have friends that are Bi, Trans, or have something that makes them special. Then there's me.
    White Diamond
    White Diamond
    That's a very unhealthy way of looking at the situation, and it may lead you to drawing erroneous conclusions down the line in an attempt to "fit in".

    LGBT should have nothing to do with being special or fitting in; it's not to be used as an excuse to declare yourself unique or give yourself a new, cool-sounding name. It's a significant conclusion about yourself that should only be drawn after serious and lengthy introspection, and once you're absolutely sure. I didn't realize I was bi until after I had lived for 20 years and spent about 8 of them thinking about it.

    Also, there's nothing wrong with being cis and/or straight. The only thing that matters for any person is how they carry themselves.
    El Zorro
    El Zorro
    It is you yourself what makes you special, nothing more.

    And remember: if someone someday says you're nobody and not special, ignore him. It is only you the one who knows how special you are. But also keep in mind this applies for everyone else, too.
    Your sexuality or gender identity doesnt make you special in a positive sense whatsoever. It just is what some of us are, nothing good or bad, its just what we are. You probably have unique qualities that make you actually special, you just don't know it yet.
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