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    Metroid: Other M

    Im honestly pretty excited for it! :D However, I'd still like to know what happened AFTER fusion. :posh: In other news= HOUSTON ARMSTRONG FTW
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    Nintendo DSi

    How would you guys now if it was bad or not? I bought one and it's a terrific handheld, the best i've ever had. I'm glad I sold my PSP for this. Also, the only reason the DS Phat had a GBA slot was becuase Nintendo thought we wouldn't like the touch. So they added a GBA slot so it woudn't end up...
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    SOME PEOPLE seem to actually LIKE SONY.

    Why? I was at school and randomly some people started trash talking Nintendo and phraising SONY! OK, you can spend your 600 dollars on the PS3 for all I care! :bowser: SONY. WHHHHHYYYYYY?!?!?! Anyway, do YOU like Sony? (i sure dont...)
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    If you could have any super power what would it be?

    Time control. Think about it, some guys saying that Sony is better than Nintendo (which actually happend today...) , you just pause time, throw an NES at him 50 times, and watch him suffer. Also, if you make a mistake, just rewind and change it!
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    Have you ever used a fake name when you had a substitute at school?

    All the time! For example, here are my favorites: Mario Segali Indiana Lones ::) Peter Jackson Koji Kondo James Hecleberry Homophone Unfortunately, my sub dosn't seem to like my humor...
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    Nintendo ON (hoax before the Wii)

    Does anyone remember that hoax in 2006 were Nintendo just anounced a new revolutionary system(wii), and that guy fooled everyone into thinking that the next console was goin to be Virtual Reality? If not search Nintendo On in youtube. What do you think about it? Would you buy it? Discuss it here!
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    Nintendo DSi

    Hello! Have you seen the new Nintendo DSI? If ya havn't then search "DSI" on youtube. The realese date here isn't even anounced yet! I mean come on! Am I the only one that thinks this is insane?
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    What was your first Mario game?

    1. Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. 2. Super Mario Land. If only Daisy wasn't in this game... :posh:
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    Who do you want in the next Mario Kart game?

    People I would add- BOB-OMB, he deserves respect. ??? King bob-omb! ::) Mega Man! People I would remove- DAISY. THAT TOMGIRL! >:(
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    Which character do you hate the most?

    I KNOW! That annoying little tomgirl. >:(
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    The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

    IM BACK!!! After one and a half years the great jeadi is back!
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    Nintendo DSi

    I think it's an awsome concept. Though, the DSI has a rough surface, I did like the Apple like shiny surface. :posh:
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    You know you haven't played enough Mario games when...

    1. When you think the goal of Yoshi's Story is to save :mario:. 2. You like the Super Mario Bros movie. 3. When you think Sonic lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. 4. When you play a new mario game 30 seconds after you get it.
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    March of the Minis Friend Codes

    2 things. 1, Wayoshi could you put some games to download on WI-FC. 2, My code is 1633-1545-0460.(I have levels on there.)
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    super mario galaxy 2

    Also, in SMG2 there should be something like a galaxy builder. You could be able to make your own planets then put them into a galaxy. Also, NO SCRIPTING!!!!!!!!!