Author Topic: (Potential lost media) Super Paper Mario plush set including Magiblot?  (Read 199 times)

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I found this post on the Paper Mario Amino from someone claiming to have owned a SPM plush set, with a photo of Magiblot (which was apparently taken years ago and they no longer have it) and stating that they also remember a Barribad plush.

They also posted shortly after a follow-up with some more pics including a Growmeba. But they are either blurry or obscured since they were presumably also from years ago.

There's a real chance it's fake/not official but it still seems odd that I can't find any other signs of these online at all. And also I have trouble understanding why someone would make a hoax of plushies for such minor enemies, instead of you know, major characters from the game. But I just wanted to spread this in case any new evidence surfaced. If it somehow WAS official, I'd bet the set included more important characters from the game too. And I'd be all over that.

Credit to lancey on Paper Mario amino for the posts.


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People make hoaxes of the most random of nonsense so I'm convinced it's a fake.
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This is amazing.

I wish I had a plush like this.

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I'm fairly sure the more obscure the enemy is, the more likely it's gonna be a fake.
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To be honest, I had no idea they made plushies.

Now I want some.
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