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Video Games / Re: What game did you last play?!?!?!?
« on: May 18, 2019, 02:04:15 AM »
Fate/Grand Order

Dead week again, I'm already craving more stuff like the CCC story but I know this year is mostly reruns and goofy events. I threw some tickets at Ishtar like I did last time, I got another Gorgon which isn't so bad to have but no Ishtar. I don't think she gets many rate ups after this so rip that. I have a lot of servants I want to level, not enough skill gems to improve them past their level cap.

Dragalia Lost

I've regained interest in the high dragons because of Brunhilda prelude. I'll work on levelling the HBH print and then slowly build up Lin You for HMC in the meantime. I'll keep my last few twinkling sands in case I need to craft a Fire Sword for this next raid event.

Off-subject Discussion / Re: I have a new/avatar/sig/whatever.
« on: May 13, 2019, 01:02:17 AM »
I have become purple

My avatar is rotating through the three greatest emotions; happiness, cold weather and ponytail.

General Discussion / Re: The official name change request thread
« on: May 12, 2019, 09:01:41 AM »
Sakura Matou please.

Video Games / what was the last mobage crackin played thread
« on: May 12, 2019, 01:35:09 AM »
Dragalia Lost

I don't really feel like playing actual games while my back is trying to make me question my existence so I'm playing this. I grinded IO for a *bleep* ton of time the other day, burned through 30 gold recharges on it. I need Granite to make the 5* wind blade for Musashi/Addis and then I'll wait for the next event to decide what Light weapon I'll make. Wand if I get Lucretia, Lance if I don't. I only have two gold pages left and I'm waiting to see who I should use them on.

I don't actually play video games but I've been turning on Smash Ultimate to put in custom stage codes that aren't trash. The sorting options on the game itself are bad, you basically have to go elsewhere to find codes for stages that aren't just poor gimmicks, bad memes or a childs first art project. Crafted World is on hold.

Entertainment & Media / Re: The Official AH NEE MAY Topic
« on: May 10, 2019, 10:44:03 PM »
Sometimes I like to read about what's currently going on in the Shokugeki manga and cry at how far it has fallen. Just kill it already, how has it not been axed yet. It's like watching a kid with a bright future ahead of them become a drug addict and die from overdose in the gutter. The stagiare arc was so good how did you *bleep* everything up adkhkojdfd

I watched Mob Psycho 100, it's really good. I saw there were only 9 chapters left of material to work with and assumed it wouldn't be enough for a third season and read them. They were really long chapters so in hindsight I probably should have just waited for a potential season 3 announcement. I also read Helck, it was pretty good for what started off as a gag manga.

Kimetsu no Yaiba looks beautiful, the Breath of Water visuals are still just so cool to look at. It has reminded me that people did initially say that the manga did not pick up until 'the spider arc' and I agree, the content is passable right now but it really starts to shine from that arc onwards and that won't be until close to the half-way point of this adaptation. At least it has pretty visuals and wholesome Tanjirou to carry it until then.

Video Games / Re: What game did you last play?!?!?!?
« on: May 07, 2019, 07:07:09 AM »
Pokemon Gold Version

I somehow lost my Chansey somewhere, maybe there's an in-game trade I forgot about. I need to get another one to evolve into Blissey, I'll try get it before I work on breeding/hatching eggs so I can increase its happiness riding back and forth. It's a good opportunity to get Typhlosion to Lv60 for Flamethrower. The 1% spawn rate isn't great.

Video Games / Re: What game did you last play?!?!?!?
« on: May 06, 2019, 06:19:12 AM »
Pokemon Gold Version

Well my copy of Silver *bleep* itself. I guess I'll have to silently thank the guy I got this Gold version from because he wasn't lying when he said he replaced the battery. I have to evolve Swinub and Houndour then spend the rest of my time breeding and gaining happiness. I was able to skip a lot of evolution through random stones and level ups by trading stuff from R/B/Y over, not wasting time on that *bleep*.

Fate/Grand Order

I've calculated that I need 4k+ gold exp to level up all the servants that I actually want to make usable. I'm also out of QP because I maxed out Altera and Melt. Once I'm done with getting the last few things from the CCC shop I'll get some exp, I can't really get good QP until people add Mona Lisa back to their support screens.

Dragalia Lost

I have no Granite again. I'll make a Light Lance to share between Elly and Annelie. I think I might promote Alex to gold once I get to 125k eldwater, the 5* Dark Axe I gave to Sazanka makes her shred through enemies but not having Blind Res. is kind of a pain in the ass for Light IO.

Video Games / Re: What game did you last play?!?!?!?
« on: May 01, 2019, 07:47:40 PM »
Fate/Grand Order

Been playing for a year now, imagine all the productive things I could have done with that time. I'm nearly Lv133, my support screen looks a lot better now.
I plan to grail Melt (August~) and Tamamo (February~). I'd replace Artoria and Drake w/ Ishtar and Ozymandias if I got them. Summer Nitocris would overthrow Carmilla even though she's not a good assassin. I can't think of an extra class in the next year that I would replace Martha with, although past a year has Summer BB.

Super Smash Bros. / Re: Favorite Smash remix in each game
« on: April 29, 2019, 08:11:57 PM »
64   Peach's Castle
Melee   Fire Emblem
Brawl   Team Galactic Battle!
Trash 4   Gear Getaway
Ultimate   We're the Robots

Video Games / Re: What game did you last play?!?!?!?
« on: April 28, 2019, 08:35:09 AM »
Fate/Grand Order

I'll be able to finish maxing out Melt's final skill soon, not that I use it much since it's kind of difficult to time. Battles are harder than usual which is nice in its own way. The chapter scene where Melt and Lip talked about how far they've come from when they were born in CCC was nice.

Dragalia Lost

New event is nice. The Alfonse battle is hard and doesn't reward an epithet but the *bleep*ty dark knight that is zero threat in the defense battle gives you an epithet equivalent to the high dragons, it's quite a strange choice. I pulled and got all the marth emblems. I don't like the time gated nature of it or the point ladder being ten times larger.

I really like the wyrmprint shop, I bought enough to MUB Shining Overlord and Resounding Rendition. I also used some Eldwater to max out Odetta's mana circle. Wyrmprint EXP is even more important than it was before and it was already scarce, people complain about not enough Dragon EXP but they are fools. FOOLS. I'm going to make a Dark Axe for Sazanka next instead of the Wind Blade.

Yoshi's Crafted World

I actually beat a stage without needing to repeat it for 1 red coin, that was nice.

Video Games / Re: What game did you last play?!?!?!?
« on: April 24, 2019, 10:59:11 AM »
Fate/Grand Order

Got Melt. Missing a few gold Assassin Gems before I can max her last skill. She's great, I want to use her all the time, she's getting grailed in like 3 months time. Her quick card is spin to win. I'm also about 10 Hearts from maxing Altera.

I'm really glad to have literally a story chapter; the event. I've really enjoyed all the chapters from Camelot onwards.

Dragalia Lost

Nearly Lv125. I made the 5* Light Sword, now even if welfare Alfonse is stupidly good I can just give him the maxed 4* Light Sword that I have lying around.

Next on the list is the 5* Wind Blade, fortunately the trade changes make getting 200 gold insignias only take a few days. They keep improving the summon system, they really could have gotten away with spacing these changes out but I'm not complaining.

Etrian Odyssey Nexus

I just decided to change the portrait of my War Magus from the EOV Warlock into the secret Vampire class portrait. I'll probably continue from where I left off after I'm done theorycrafting class/subclass combinations that would be interesting.

Play Etrian Odyssey.

Video Games / Re: What game did you last play?!?!?!?
« on: April 22, 2019, 02:38:51 AM »
Fate/Grand Order

Back Button is coming, break out its brother; Nut Button. Also some other stuff like dragging to select things in your inventory and some proper background art for the bronze servants. The server will be going through a seven hour maintenance but I go to work just as it starts so it won't be my problem lol. I'm just excited for more CCC, the joke events like GUDAGUDA are fun but you can't go wrong with a more serious/relevant event that you can pretty much just call a story chapter that's limited time. I like all the Sakura face servants, all of them are *bleep*ing weird and/or crazy which makes sense considering their base.

Dragalia Lost

Barely got my HMS weeklies done, the phone ringing = internet disconnect problem reared its head at the worst time so I ripped that *bleep* out of the powerboard and kept going. HMS randoms are too stressful lol. Patiently waiting for this next event, at least FGO will start its one tomorrow but I got to wait until Friday for this game. I'm trying to make a 5* weapon for each element now. So far I've created a Fire Axe, Water Lance and I'm close to making a Light Sword. My other options I'm considering are a Wind Blade, Dark Bow and a Water Wand. I silently built up a considerable stash of Twinkling Sands.

Super Smash Bros. / Re: Who are you maining in Ultimate?
« on: April 21, 2019, 05:08:41 AM »
gonna barf my rectangles here

I like playing Roy even if it's easier just to use Bowser and double team a poor fool with lag and f-smash. I don't really play the last 3 much but I have played them.

how much I enjoy this game fluctuates insanely with how *bleep*ty the online is

Off-subject Discussion / Re: Easter 2019
« on: April 20, 2019, 05:45:45 PM »
I forgot it was easter but then I went outside and my nephew reminded me it was easter so now I remember that it's easter.

happy easter.

Video Games / Re: What game did you last play?!?!?!?
« on: April 20, 2019, 02:35:28 PM »
Dragalia Lost
I decided I'd give this new showcase a yolo tenfold roll to see if I get something since the characters are both useful, it's just that the summoning changes aren't implemented yet so I don't want to blow my load. I got Yue, sleep res. Fire axe so I can swap out Vanessa on my Auto Wind IO team for her. Sleep Resistance is one of my least built teams so it's nice.

The story also gives you a good free Blind resistance character for clearing the next chapter, perfect for Light IO. Someone literally beat High Mercury using her lmao.

Fate/Grand Order
I've just been using my AP on QP farming, I used it on embers for the Saber exp day only. If i dont get Melt or anything on the next rate-up, I'll just use what I've saved up for her on the Saber servants that are under levelled in my inventory.

Fan Creations / Re: Mach Speed Mayhem (Superchao 'Shroom Section)
« on: April 20, 2019, 01:43:10 AM »
the Don Genie

Video Games / Re: What game did you last play?!?!?!?
« on: April 19, 2019, 12:30:30 AM »
Dragalia Lost

I guess they really were holding out a lot of things for the 6 month milestone; new event type, collab w/ freebie 5*, new chapter that gives out another freebie, high mercury existing, summon changes.

I actually love the look of the defensive battle event, I always wanted co-op missions where you split up to clear areas.

Fate/Grand Order

Slowly dying while waiting for the next event. I have 200m qp again, enough to max out a 5* and BB's ascensions at least. I have enough exp to get two servants to Lv80 so I can put them on my support screen at least. Pray for melt. I liked CCC more than I originally thought, I want more CCC stuff.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

online can still suck my nuts but Roy is fun still. Literally just abused side b and counter against an ultra laggy little mac player and didnt feel good about it.

Video Games / Re: What game did you last play?!?!?!?
« on: April 14, 2019, 12:18:58 AM »
Fate/Grand Order

I finished all my rank up/interlude quests while riding the high from CCC. Took an entire day, Nitocris is the queen of clearing waves. Kintoki is the king of destroying bosses. I ran out of QP from upgrading skills, I think this officially means I've been playing for too long. I grinded doors back up to 100 million QP, it's very easy to clear doors while doing other things. I don't use gold apples for much else, I was going to use my regen on getting embers but I can't do *bleep* without QP.

Dragalia Lost

I don't like to play the healer but absolutely nobody wants to play healer in Void Agni and you just get kicked out of rooms constantly because of it. It's annoying when you swap to the healer and the DPS somehow don't understand how to do force strikes. I'm just clearing the golem until I can MUB the void sword so that maybe I can carry a little harder. The new eldwater stuff might make it more reasonable for me to use it to max out more characters.

Video Games / Re: Your favorite VG music.
« on: April 12, 2019, 04:30:47 AM »
Now that I'm finished with it, there were actually some really nice tracks in this game. The Memories of CCC is an official medley of a lot of the good tracks, though I have others that I like on their own.

Video Games / Re: I just beat __
« on: April 12, 2019, 01:38:49 AM »
Fate/Extra CCC

It's really a god dang shame this game didn't get a proper english translation. If it had one I could easily call this one of the most enjoyable experiences but having to follow an out of game so-so translation and using a translate app for character-specific things left me feeling like this game really got given the shaft. Maybe one day there will be a proper attempt to make an english fan-patch.

I finished Extra feeling like I didn't need to ever play the game again and I finished CCC feeling like I would really like to play it again one day (ideally in english). Overall it was far more polished, almost like the original game was just a prototype (gameplay-wise and story-wise) for CCC to build off of. I chose Caster in both games, she was much more balanced and playable in CCC. She was cute in both games though.

It's interesting for a game to take on love as its main theme, it definitely stretched that one idea throughout the entire 25 hours but it's surprising how they never really retraced their steps the further the game went on. I guess it helped that having AI characters that are born with no understanding of love let them explore the more extreme corners of the theme without it seeming out of place. Not that they don't get weird with it. Secret Gardens are weird as *bleep*. But it's consistent with the rest of the game. It definitely does get very heavy and depressing around the mid-point, uncomfortably so.

I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone as it is right now though, it's a bit too much of a commitment (play Extra first lol, use a wordpress translation lol) even if it's a great game. I'll miss hearing Tamamo's stupid voice.

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