Vending machine


I wish this forum game was popular. I saw some similar threads of them, but all of them were dead. I thought I'd try this. It's not something copied like granting a wish or something else, for your information.

So anyways, the rules are simple.

Player 1:
I insert a coin.

Player 2:
You get a frog.

I insert a computer.

Player 3:
You get an hat.

I insert a Pokèball.

Etc. In short, the first player inserts something, the second post says what he gets and inserts at same time a item, and this game will repeat itself on. It's really fun, but I'm new here, so I want to introduce myself. You can see my introduction on another thread.

I'll start.

I insert a wallet.

Dr. Mario

Mushroom Kingdom's OG Woo Meister
A51_Trooper inserts nothing.

A51_Trooper gets a dead Wario.

I insert the dead Wario.

BBQ Turtle

Crazy sponsors lady.
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LeftyGreenMario gets 25 Waluigi clones.
BBQ Turtle inserts Roy's sunglasses.

BBQ Turtle

Crazy sponsors lady.
Wiki Patroller
Awards Committee
A51 gets a can of blended Undead Motors.
BBQ Turtle inserts an MP3 player.


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A51 gets an error message because I don't know what a gharial is

Luigi 64DD inserts the abstract concept of justice

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
You get Cool Ranch Doritos.

Yoshi the SSM puts in his tongue and is able to get something out using it without getting rid of tongue.