Top 10 Favorite Mario characters


You can list your top 10 favorite Mario characters of all time here!

Here's mine:

1. Funky Kong
2. Yoshi :yoshi:
3. Donkey Kong :dk:
4. Luigi :luigi:
5. Hammer Bro
6. Mario :mario:
7. Diddy Kong
8. Koopa Troopa :koopa:
9. Dixie Kong
10. Rosalina


Celestial Guide
1.) Kammy Koopa
2.) Dribble & Spitz
3.) Magikoopa (species)
4.) Shyguy (species)
5.) Yoshi (species)
6.) Ashley
7.) Bob-omb (species)
8.) Paper Bowser
9.) Boo (species)
10.) Dr. Mario

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Wiki Patroller
1. Baby Luigi
2. Toadette
3. Toad
4. Peach
5. Luigi
6. Paratroopa
7. Baby Mario
8. King Boo
9. Bowser Jr.
10. Hammer Bro

Don't get me started on my least favorite

Penguin Mario

🐧Penguins. Lots of them.🐧🐧🐧🐧
My favorites:

2.Baby Mario
5.Shy Guy
6.Diddy Kong
9,Wario (because I like killing that freak)
10. Baby Peach (because I like destroying her)


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Wiki Patroller
Wario is a favorite!? Wow. I honestly don't think that Wario and Baby Peach should be your favorites just because you like torturing them. But who else is there?

Penguin Mario

🐧Penguins. Lots of them.🐧🐧🐧🐧
Well, I don't know what to do if Wario never existed. Kill Baby Peach?


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Wiki Patroller
I suggest you do it to Donkey Kong before you do it to Baby Peach. He sounds funny.

Lily x

starting with my faveroute...
bowser jr
chuck quizmo


Monty Mole
I find it hard to put these in any particular order, but here's ten of my favourites anyway. Note that this excludes enemy drones, as well as Donkey Kong characters.

- Birdo (duh)
- Larry
- Tatanga
- Daisy
- Wendy
- Yoshi
- Wario
- Yoob
- Hooktail
- Cackletta

Probably forgot about a couple there, but I was only supposed to name ten anyway, so meh. In general, I tend to like most characters that are either female or fat (or both). Should have probably put Queen Bean on there, actually...


Da f***, Rosalina?
1) Daisy
2) Mario
3) Luigi
4) Yoshi
5) Peach
6) Boo
7) Rosalina
8) Wario
9) Toad
10) DK


Screw Chuck Norris, Daisy always wins!!
These are my top ten countdown
10.Toad :toad: They're funny when scared
9. Yoshi :yoshi: He eats everything!! ;D
8. Birdo :birdo: She/He shoots exploding eggs!
7. Luigi :luigi: Tough little fighter
6. Mario :mario: The Famed plumber
5. Starlow The famous Star Sprite
4. Lakitu :lakitu: Let's throw some shells, bad shells 8)
3. Koopa :koopa: So cute so cute :D
2. Rosalina So pretty and and is powerful
1. Daisy :daisy: Pretty and boyish


Cosmic Beauty
My top 10 non-generics...

1: Mario
2: Yoshi
3: Rosalina
4: Diddy Kong
5: Waluigi
6: Luigi
7: Wario
8: Donkey Kong
9: Bowser Jr.
10: Petey Piranha

Green Fire

Koopa Troopa
1. Luigi (Weegee, Green Thunder, Mr. L, Green Fire) :luigi:
2. Mario :mario:
3. Toad :toad:
4. Koopa :koopa:
5. Donkey Kong :dk:
6. Yoshi :yoshi:
7. Boo :boo:
8. Count Bleck
9. Wario :wario:
10. Larry Koopa and Ludwig Von Koopa.


Looking forward to Odyssey!
1. Mario
2. Kamek
3. Toad
4. Wiggler
5. Yoshi
6. (King) Boo
7. Toadette
8. Broque Monsieur
9. generic luma's
10. Rosalina

There's no real order after 4.


Katniss <3
Regular, non-RPG characters:
1. Waluigi
2. Rosalina
3. Luigi
4. Bowser
5. Wario
6. Daisy
7. Diddy Kong
8. Toad
9. Toadette
10. Mario

Ms Mowz!

No particular order

4.Ms Mowz
5. Rosalina
6. Luma's

uh i can't think..


a rhinestone cowboy
1. Wiggler
2. Chuck Quizmo
3. Luigi
4. Fawful
5. Diddy Kong
6. bowser Jr.
7. Mario
8. Toadsworth
8. DK
9. peach
10. Wario
Constantly updated, invalid after 20 minutes, Is valid in Nigeria , I am not copying Mason, *insert other stuff here*


1. Baby Mario
2. Baby Luigi
3. Mario
4. Wario
5. Toad ( Who doesn't like a squeaky voice character)
6, Toadette
7. Paratroopa (Basically anything that flies.)
8. Hammer Bro
9. Rosalina
10. Goombella
11. Iggy Koopa and Ludwig von Koopa


welcome to the hotel waluigi
1) Mario (obviously)
2) Yoshi
3) Luigi
4) Peach
5) Dimentio (does it count if he was only in one game?)
6) Toad
7) Toadsworth (just because I love torturing him in Sunshine)
8) Gearmo
9) Luma
10) Goomba

Gumball Machine

Celestial Guide
superjeff64 said:
1. :yoshi: (He's just so freaking cute.)
2. :mario:
3. :peach:
4. :bowser:
5. :dk:
6. Count Bleck
7. Tippi
8. Doopliss
9. Cortez
10. Koopa Troopa
Decided to change my list and divide it into 2 categories:
Main Characters:
1. Yoshi
2. Mario
3. Peach
4. Baby Mario/Baby Luigi
5. Bowser
6. Luigi/Daisy
7. DK
8. Koopa Troopa/Paratroopa (two of my best characters in Mario Power Tennis)
9. Toad (I almost always get a home run with him in Super Sluggers)
10. Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings (except Roy)

RPG Exclusives: (not in any particular order)
1. Tippi
2. Count Bleck
3. Cortez
4. Bombette (very useful against bosses and multiple enemies)
5. Goombario (way more useful than everyone else thinks I actually used him to beat Huff N. Puff and the first 2 versions of The Master)
6. O’Chunks
7. Watt
8. Every partner from Paper Mario 2
9. Starlow
10. Dimentio