Charaters you would like to see in the next Mario Baseball game


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So, out of boredom, I looked through the forum and didn't find any topics similar to this one, or any ones that are too old to be bumping, so I decided to make on right here right now.

This is going to be a long post because honestly, if and when there is another Mario baseball game, it should have a LOT of characters. After all, each team has to have 9 players, and the best roster for that kind of game is a really REALLY big one! Luckily, the Mario series happens to have the biggest cast of characters in pretty much any video game series! As such, I came up with a BIG list of characters whom I would like to see or who would make good or decent players in the game.

Actually, to make things a BIT easier, I'm going to divide them into categories. That should help.

Mario Characters/Bosses

-Foreman Spike
-The Koopalings ;)
-Boom Boom
-Il Piantissimo
-Spooky Speedster
-The Chimp

Rosalina and the Koopalings are obvious, especially Rosalina, since she didn't appear in the last game. I can also see Bowser's team consisting entirely of his children, that'd be sweet. The rest are up in the air, but I still want to see them. Especially Mouser and Whittle. Mouser just seems like an awesome character who, like Birdo, can stand on his own without having to involve the rest of the Super Mario Bros. 2 cast. And I just freaking love Whittles, they are so adorable and awesome! Everyone else I'd be fine with or without, but really, I WOULD like to see Wart and Tatanga make another appearance. They're the only non-RPG villains to have been the final boss in a Mario game, other than Bowser and Wario, And since they're already resorting to King K. Rool and the Kremlings, I don't see why they can't just go back and dig up those guys.

Mario Enemies

-Eggplant Man
-Rocky Wrench
-Sledge Bro
-Chargin' Chuck
-Ice Bro

Out of THESE GUYS, the ones I feel I HAVE to see are Rocky Wrench and Chargin' Chuck. In fact, that's something I never really understood, why isn't Chargin' Chuck in the series already? Yeah, he most football than baseball, but he still THROWS baseballs in Super Mario World, so he'd be perfect! Rocky Wrench is probably my second favorite enemy in the Mario series (after Blooper), and besides, can't you just SEE him using a wrench as a baseball bat? PURE GENIUS! Also, since Sledge Bro's appeared in the New Super Mario Bros. games and made a cameo in Mario Kart Wii, I think it'd be cool for him to be there. And Ice Bro can be added to the interchangable Hammer/Boomerang/Fire Bros. characters. Also, Snifits could shoow baseballs out of their snouts, and Spikes, could caough up baseballs and throw them like they to those spiky balls! Also, FREAKING WHOMP! MAKE IT HAPPEN, SOMEHOW!!! Everyone else, once again, I'm fine with or without.

Yoshi Characters/Bosses/Enemies

-Crazee Dayzee
-Fat Guy
-Baseball Guy (Green Glove & Slugger)
-Little Mouser
-Baby Wario

If Baby Donkey Kong and Baby Peach are in there, they might as well include Baby Wario. Baby Bowser I'm not too sure about, since now they've made him so similar to Bowser Jr. that people confuse the two characters. Bandits are probably the coolest variations on Shy Guys ever. They'd probably be pretty good as STEALING bases, eh? Eh? Bumpties need more love, and Little Mousers I could see as a recurring enemy/playable character. And Baseball Guys... Well, yeah. Pretty self explanatory. I also included Fat Guy since... Well, I like Fat Guy. Yeah. Crazee Dayzee, probably a signature enemy of the Yoshi series, next to Shy Guys, but again, I'm fine with or without.

Donkey Kong Characters/Bosses/Enemies

-Donkey Kong Jr.
-Stanley the Bugman
-Candy Kong
-Swanky Kong
-Kiddy Kong
-Lanky Kong
-Chunky Kong
-Dread Kong
-Karate Kong
-Ninja Kong
-Sumo Kong

It's hard for me to imagine Pauline in anything other than her signature red dress, but they might as well make her a regular character now that they've brought her back in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series. Also, Donkey Kong Jr. He stopped being a regular character since Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64, and I don't know, I just think he's cooler. I hate the idea that the current Donkey Kong is supposed to be him, and now there's a Baby Donkey Kong that doesn't look anything like DK Jr. I just want to see him again, is that so wrong? Also, anyone remember Stanley the Bugman? Yes? No? Well, I think that'd be an interest twist. Also, Klump and Krusha. They're pretty much as iconic as the Kritters, so why not include them? And Swanky Kong... Probably my favorite member of the Kong family other than Cranky, yet only made two appearances and one cameo. Probably not going to reappear again anytime soon, but I'd still would like to see it. Everyone else, again, fine with or without.

Wario Characters/Bosses/Enemies

-Captain Syrup
-Mad Scienstein
-Rudy the Clown
-Jimmy T.
-Dr. Crygor
-Young Cricket

If they've resorted to using Donkey Kong characters, I feel like Wario has enough characters/enemies/bosses under his non-existent belt to throw some into a Mario spin-off. For and most obviously, Captain Syrup. Now that she's made a comeback with Wario Land: Shake It!, I feel like we'll be seeing more of her in the near future. I also like Mad Scienstein, Spearhead, and Rudy the Clown, especially Mad Scienstein, but since they only appeared in Wario Land 3 and Dr. Mario 64, their odds aren't as good. Then there's the WarioWare gang. If I had to hazard a guess as to who would be chosen for a Mario spin-off, I think Mona, Jimmy T. and possibly Orbulon would be the ones, since they seem to be the most popular characters of the bunch, appearing in most of the games. The others would have a chance, but somehow I feel they're not as likely for one reason or another. Particularly 9-Volt. It'd be so surreal to see a Nintendo fanboy actually PLAY BASEBALL with his idol, pretty much.


These ones I'm not too sure about. Some of them might be in it, though I can't entirely see it happening for one reason or another...

-Boo Guy
-Mr. Blizzard
-Big Bob-omb
-Koopa Kid
-Pink Boo
-Professor E. Gadd
-Mini Mario
-Helper Monkey
-Coach Penguin
-Bomb Boo
-Major Burrows
-Huckit Crab
-Paper Mario characters
-Mario & Luigi characters

Flurry is an interesting choice because I think he's a cute little enemy and I'd like to see him in more games, but he has no hands... And I know, Goombas and Paragoombas don't have hands and yet they play baseball, but you know what they say, two's fine but three's a crowd. I think it's really pushing it to have too many characters who don't have hands play baseball. (Although they DID have hands in the cartoon series, so who knows)

And Boo Guy's the same way... Sort of. Another cute enemy I'd like to see more off, but there is already Boo and King Boo who don't have feet to touch bases with. And there's also Paragoombas, Koopa Paratroopas, and Bloopers, who float rather than run, so putting more characters with no feet or floating characteristics (Aside from "important" characters like Lubba) would be pushing it.

Mr. Blizzard... Another neat enemy, but probably hard to incorporate since, not only does he not have feet, he doesn't float either. I don't know, maybe he could glide or slider, perhaps even on skis or something.

Big Bob-omb freaking rocks! The only problem is, he's already part of the Bob-omb Rally mini-game... Well, they could always remove the game or replace him with a Bullet Bill or something.

Koopa Kid, aka, the min-Bowser guys from the Mario Party games. I feel that he should be a last-resort character. If they STILL need more characters after using ALL the other suggested ones here, I think then would be a good time to include him.

Pink Boo... A combined argument from Boo Guy and Koopa Kid. Already Boos in the game, use only as a last resort.

For some reason, I always felt that Professor E. Gadd would be a decent addition, since Toadsworth is already there, and since he looks like he's still fit enough to do some ghost catching and the like... But still, he's an old man and not very agile. I don't care, though, I want to see more E. Gadd. Where's he been, anyway?!

I think the Mini Marios are cool. I'd like to see them in more games, but somehow, I think they'd be too small to play...

Helper Monkeys were going to be in Super Mario Galaxy, but they weren't. Besides, there already are enough monkey suggestions I've made, so again, last resort.

Penguins ARE cute, but if you included them, then that would mean you won't need the Bumpties, and I love the Bumpties more than the regular blue Penguins. So it's either one or the other, as I see it. Also, you can't have the Coach Penguin if you don't have the normal Penguins, so he's in the same boat.

Bomb Boo: see Pink Boo. Except Bomb Boos are awesome, best Boo sub-species ever!

Undergrunts, Kamella, and Major Burrows are the only Super Mario Galaxy enemies I could think of that would fit in a Mario baseball game, except... I thin Undergrunt's are too similar to Monty Mole, and Kamella and Major Burrows seem a BIT too big to be in a game like this. I mean, I know they shrunk down Petey Piranha, but he's still pretty damn big. I just have a hard time seeing them being incorporated into a game like this.

Huckit Crabs...? Yeah, I tried to think of a NEW enemy from the New Super Mario Bros. games, and the only one I really liked was this one. They can throw balls easily, and I guess they can use their same claw to hold a bat, but... I don't know, it's complicated.

I WANT to say Kamek, except he's already represented as a Blue Magikoopa, so, oh well.

And now, regarding characters from the RPGs: RPG characters have never appeared in a spin-off before. Except the Goomba King, who's now Goomboss, and he's probably the only exception. Which is too bad, because there are a lot of interesting characters from those games, like the partners, Kammy Koopa, and of course, Fawful. In fact, I think Fawful's the closest one to have a chance, seeing as he's such a prominent character in the Mario & Luigi series. Other than him, though, I wouldn't get your hopes up on seeing any of the RPG characters in a spin-off, even in one which requires a lot of characters like this.

Well, THAT was long. If you actually read all that, thanks a lot, I really appreciate your patience! Anyone else have any other suggestions? Anyone else agree with me on some of my own suggestions? This is fun, actually, I love seeing all these Mario characters in one place at once, it just excites me greatly!
Rosalina, Luma and Dry Bowser are probably at the top of most lists. Maybe Sonic, Knuckles and Tails as a reference to the Mario & Sonic games.
Here's what I can think up...

Balanced Captains

Speed Captains
Yoshi (Green)
Diddy Kong
Bowser Jr.

Technique Captains

Power Captains
Birdo (Magenta)
Donkey Kong
King K. Rool

Balanced Team Players
Toad (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple)
Luma (Yellow, Red, Blue, Green)
Koopa Troopa (Green, Red, Blue, Yellow)
Shy Guy (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black)
Baby Daisy
Baby Wario
Iggy Koopa
Tiny Kong

Speed Team Players
Yoshi (Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Light Blue)
Dry Bones (Default, Dark Bones, Blue, Green)
Noki (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow)
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
Baby Bowser
Lemmy Koopa
Dixie Kong

Technique Team Players
Koopa Paratroopa (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
Magikoopa (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Black)
Baby Peach
Baby DK
Larry Koopa
Wendy O. Koopa
Cranky Kong
Lanky Kong

Power Team Players
Birdo (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow)
Hammer Bro (Default, Fire Bro, Boomerang Bro, Ice Bro)
Pianta (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green)
Kritter (Green, Red, Blue, Brown)
Monty Mole
King Boo
Dry Bowser
Petey Piranha
Morton Koopa Jr.
Roy Koopa
Ludwig von Koopa
Funky Kong

Roster Total: 64 (66 if the team captain Yoshi and Birdo are separate from the team player Yoshi and Birdo)
Oh wow, I completely forgot about the Donkey Kong Barrel Blast characters... Especially Kopter. What an "out there" Donkey Kong enemy.
Smashgoom202 said:
Oh wow, I completely forgot about the Donkey Kong Barrel Blast characters... Especially Kopter. What an "out there" Donkey Kong enemy.

That game was rather bad with its control scheme, but at least it expanded the list of characters in the Donkey Kong series. Of course, I never bothered including Wrinkly Kong nor Klump (the DKBB Klump looks rather dumb with a bucket on his head), since Wrinkly is deceased (despite appearing as a ghost), and Kludge already fits the role as a mighty batter, along with K. Rool himself.
I just want Super Mario Galaxy characters (Luma, Rosalina), and Bob-omb for a new playable character. I don't want any character from the previous games to leave, except for the colored Yoshis (a rainbow of artificial colors each tied with a glut of partially hydrogenated oil, just like Skittles).
I just realized. Toady from the Yoshi series would be a decent addition as well.

Also, I thought it would be interesting to discuss what kind of special abilities characters would have, and what kind of stats and bats and junk. Like, I posted a similar topic on another forum and someone came up with this little thing:

Color Variations:

Special Ability:
How to Unlock:
Abilities: (any particular skill he dominates in?)

Personally, I think that the method of unlocking the character depends on the game itself, and I just want to talk about the characters.
I'd be satisfied only with the release of such a game in Europe. It totally sucks that I can't play MS Sluggers.
Penguins, Chuck Quizmo and a few others I can't think of.
Like some other many topics talking about roster
that to discuss you must give limitation such as total number of characters
or the real condition from the last baseball game
just think that how many new team members from Superstar to Sluggers = =

on the design of previous MarioSuperSluggers, the team members are dispersed into different area
so maybe you can admit how can they group into differnt teams or fields, or even new gyms and team captains

another realistic problem is that your wish list talked about many new appearances
it's not so simple such as whether Daisy could appear in Super Smash Brwal yet
also, for the main subcharacters who still appear in recent time such as Mario bros. Wii characters
new appearances are still okay
but hoping that characters only appear in earlier games make a return
may be an over expectation to Nintendo....

maybe the next generation of games may be more possible on the next home console.... :-\