Ugliest Characters


a rhinestone cowboy ugly! Also even uglier

Lily x

not all of these are from mario

wendy o,birdo and dark gaia are fugly

on the other end of the scale(most attractive) is rosalina and link


Cosmic Beauty
Wario sure knows how to look ugly, especially with his large pink nose. Waluigi also has that similar dilemma.

Has anyone ever thought that Wario's nose is shaped like garlic?


Monty Mole
Ye disbelievers, Birdo is pretty :<

As for ugly characters, Valentina from Super Mario RPG and Jojora's friends from Superstar Saga certainly qualify, but the Golden Diva from Wario Land 4 really takes the cake. She's is not only ugly, actually, but downright terrifying. Then again, the same thing can be said for most characters from that game, even Wario himself (in most frames of his normal form's sprite, his teeth look sharp and jagged and he has no pupils).