Say something the above user would NEVER say

Roleplaying is boring.
I don't throw the most hexcellent parties...
That's a quote from Briar Beauty rather than something I'd actually say, I've never thrown a party in my life

I don't care at all about Nintendo directs, In fact it doesn't interest me what anyone else has to say about them.
I hate Dinosaurs.
I can't spell Luigi with my eyes closed.
I am not the type of emoji people use to express dark or sarcastic humor sometimes
Ugh, I hate 3D Mario games. Like, the only time I actually play Mario is when I play the RPGs, I love those games that I own them all.
Emojis are better than emoticons.
Super Paper Mario is an overrated cliche melodrama. To think it's STICKER STAR everyone hates the most.
Forgiveness is stupid, if someone takes my candy bar they'll always be a monster to me
I cannot live having the same profile pic for a long time.