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If you could be any one of Mario's partners from Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, which would you

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a rhinestone cowboy
I would personally be Admiral Bobbery but that's just me
It's Goombella, not Goombaria. Goombaria is Goombario's sister.
Silly Mason said:
I don't understand the question. Be them in real life?

Oh, crap. I didn't even read the question, so I thought this was another "favorites" poll.
Koops or Yoshi.

But then again, TTYD is the only Paper Mario I haven't played.
I would rather be a Kirby than a Yoshi
Since I can choose up to 3 character, I chose the only 3 males on the team. If I could only choose one, I'd like to be Bobbery. He seems like a tough ol' Bob-omb.
Admiral Bobbereh. He go CLICK CLICK BOOM.