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I am making a comic on Userpedia about some users that fight really weird enemies like The Pickle Prince and Rockstar Devil. It's action/comedy so don't take it seriously. The comic will be really funny so if you are interested say it here. The comic will be on Userpedia. There can only be 8 protagonists so the roles will go fast. So join now!

2.Silly Mason(Mason)
4.New Snowman Mario(New Super Mario)
5.Mario Fan 123(Mario Fan 123)
8.Rtas' Vadum(SM347)
I'm not sure... let me get back to you on that. If you need some personality, I'm a Punctuation Nazi, and like Commander Keen. Not obsessively, I just like it. My favourite character is :waluigi:. I can't wait to see this... with these crazy avatars. Is this a sprite comic? if it is, I'm sure I could come up with something...
Paint really would be preferable for making a comic. If you can, I would try to go find a download for it.
If it says "Paint" it is MS Paint.

EDIT:Krizzy, if you need sprites, look on the Spriter's Resource, and maybe recolor them. I'm sure there are some waluigi ones
I hope Paper Mario sprites aren't too big/bad, I use them for most things sprite-wise. My character is a special type of Koopa. He's (or rather I'm) a Red Koopa, with red eyes, and he glows. And a spike on his shell. He/I also has really shiny shoes. Here's a good quality picture :

Here's a sprite sheet:

I hope it's not too... big... or ugly... or whatever...
I combined/recoloured the Paper Mario sprites for a Koopa and a Spike Top. I basically did the same for the artwork, but it was much harder and had a much nicer looking end result.