Favorite Mario Kart Double Dash!! combos


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What are some of your favorite combos in Mario Kart Double Dash!!? I'll start by stating some of mine.

1: Petey Piranha + Donkey Kong + Piranha Pipes
2: Donkey Kong + Wario + DK Jumbo
3: Birdo + Mario + Turbo Birdo
4: King Boo + Wario + Boo Pipes
5: Bowser + Donkey Kong + Koopa King
6: Diddy Kong + Bowser Jr. + Barrel Train
7: Waluigi + Luigi + Waluigi Racer
8: Koopa Paratroopa + Toadette + Para Wing
9: Bowser + Koopa Troopa + Koopa King
10: King Boo + Koopa Paratroopa + Boo Pipes


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Toad+Baby Mario/Luigi is theoretically devastating but it rarely works right.


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Here's a few:
Boo and Daisy in Boo's Kart
Wario an Baby Luigi in Wario's Car
Bowser Jr. and Toadette in Bowser Jr.'s Bullet thing


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Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. For Mushroom and Flower at 50cc I use Bably Luigi's kart; I use Baby Mario's for the rest. Chain Chomp FTW.


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I don't play the game very often, but whenever I do, I either use Yoshi and Birdo or Donkey Kong and Diddy.


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Light: Bowser Jr. and Koopa/Paratroopa in the Bullet Blaster
Medium: " " and Yoshi in the Waluigi Racer
Heavy: " " and King Boo in the Koopa King

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Baby Luigi + Wario + Koopa King (Wario MUST be in the throwing area, no matter what)
Baby Luigi + Baby Mario + Toadette Kart (or the perambulators)
Baby Luigi + Mario (when I'm with my sister) + Heart Coach
Baby Luigi + Daisy + Waluigi Racer
Baby Luigi + Toadette + Any vehicle

I like my combinations to be as weird as possible, including the karts.

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Diddy Kong + Bowser Jr. in the Bullet Blaster or what it's called.

That's all I got really.

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If I can hack the game, I'd plop Baby Mario and Baby Luigi into the Koopa King. They would look so kickWariobutt!

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My combination is mostly Mario+Luigi on the manly Heart Coach.


I think the best combos are:

Baby Mario + Mario + Any Kart = Team Wario Dominator ;D
Baby Mario Bros. + Baby Luigi's Kart = Team Babies with no License :lol:
Baby Mario + Wario + Any Kart = Why am I Riding WITH This Smelly Fat Guy :eek:
Baby Mario + Petey Piranha + Boo Pipes = Baby Mess Up Baby Die In Ghost King Pipes Team :'(
Baby Mario + Walugi + Birdo Face Kart = Why Aren't There Walugi's Favorite Pink Eggs Popping Out Of The Mouth Team?

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PokemonMaster said:
I think the best combos are:
Baby Mario + Walugi + Birdo Face Kart = Why Aren't There Walugi's Favorite Pink Eggs Popping Out Of The Mouth Team?
Waluigi would do better in a Heart Coach
My Combo is:
Yoshi + B. Mario/B. Luigi + Waluigi Racer

My Friends:
Toad + B. Mario/B. Luigi + Bullet Blaster (Jr.'s Kart)

We usually race to get Baby Luigi xD


Baby mario/Luigi+Paratroopa=FTW!...I don't remember the name of the cart...But it was blue :I
So uhh that's my only combo.
Except the obvious Boo+Petey.

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1. Luigi (driver) + Koopa Troopa + Walugi Racer
2. Mario + Luigi + Red Fire
3. Baby Luigi + Waluigi + Waluigi Racer
4. Yoshi + Luigi + Turbo Yoshi
5. Luigi + Toad + Green Fire