which game is better?

which game do you think is best?

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All of them.


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Bowser's Inside Story is the only one I've actually beaten, so I voted for that.

Lily x

BIS, classic, luigi and mario inside bowser, brilliant, whats next, mario and luigi being slaves to the lumas lol

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Partners in Time, because it's the only one I really spent time on. Plus, it has Baby Luigi in it.

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But I can PLAY as him, RPG style!

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I liked Partners in Time as it had a good plot during the gameplay. However, I find Bowser's Insider Story a tad more fun to play. It seems a bit more interesting, and this game also has a good plot. However, what I love most of this game is the amount of surprises that it has to offer as you play.


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Haven't finished superstar saga yet, but I found Partners in Time to be better than Bowser's Inside Sotry.


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I only have Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, so I voted for that.

Lily x

TBH im not into those kinda games, i only got BIS cus it looked intresting
i prefer the more mainsteam mario games and spinnoffs


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>>Ms Mowz
An RPG for Gameboy Advance.


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I never played the Mario & Luigi series, especially since I'm not exactly a big RPG player. Pokemon RPGs are simple enough.