Thoughts on the 3DS coming out next year.

What do you think of the Nintendo 3DS coming out next year?

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I'm disappointed that the 3DS is coming out next year but I hope Nintendo changes their minds! :mario: :luigi: :bowser: :yoshi: :wario: :waluigi: :peach: :dk:


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I actually have 2 options.
I have a lot to own, before buying the 3DS, and I also suspected it, coming next year.

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I had to wait for next year anyway, so no big loss.

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I see this as a perfect opportunity to save up my money for it.


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I don't mind it, either. I've got plenty of other games on my list as it is.

Penguin Mario

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I expected it to come out next year. The 3DS's coming out this year sounds a bit too early.


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Meh, no games are coming out for the 3DS that I want anyway :babyluigi:


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I'm stoked. I can't wait until it comes out, paper mario and mario kart are on the top of my list. And Metal gear solid 3d.

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