The worst video game ever?

Dewey's Adventure
Ben 10: Protector of Earth
Worms: A Space Oddity
Dewey's Adventure: worse than MySims
Some soccer game that I forget the name of.

I bet most of you haven't even heard of it, so I'm not gonna bother checking.
My worst expeirence with a game is circus gams for wii. It's boring gameplay + Terrible controls = PAIN!
Sharks Territory said:
M&M's Kart Racing
That game is hilarious... Bad, but hilarious.

I also laughed when you said SPM and I'm sure you never played Hotel Mario.
Action 52

I haven't played, but I've seen an entire 13 part review on its many mini-games. At least in Big Rigs the broken physics make it fun...
Dancing Raccoon said:
Mario Kart 64. It just doesn't appeal to me
WaluigiWare said:
Worst video I've ever played would be... yeah, Mario Kart 64.
I'll be blunt.

You're a little slow, aren't you?
They're trolls.
Yeah, God forbid anyone has a different opinion from your own.

Dude, if you think MK64 is on the same level as Big Rigs and Superman 64, you either 1: don't know shit about the medium or 2: clearly are delusional. This isn't called "Games you don't like".

On-topic: Fighting Force 2. Imagine the most bland and dull third-person shooter ever made. Now add horrible tanks control that make it impossible to turn while the enemies are literally kicking your ass, repetitive levels that literally last one hour (and you can't save during them!), and really bad voice acting. Worst. Sequel. Ever.
I can't stand Super Mario 64! I just don't find it personally appealing!

Seriously though I don't actually play bad games that much. I can't think of any game I've played that I'd actually consider to be one of the worst.
Eh, dont me sad, i dint care for SM64 either. The remake was excellent, though. I'd have to say the worst game was... maybe Mario Party 7, or Mario Teaches Typing 2, or maybe non-mario, Zelda:Link's Awakiening.