Sonic the Hedgehog 4

Yeah, I know. Unfortunately, I have zero cash at the moment. I'm just going to have to settle for the 360 demo that'll be available in the next two days. In the meantime, though, here's some more Super Sonic action.
Been playing it off and on. Not a bad game, but I'm not a fan of this dropping momentum thing.
I downloaded the Playstation 3 demo a few days ago, so unfortunately, the only Zone I got the change to play was the first act of Splash Hill. From what I've played, the game's not too bad. The controls take a little getting used to, and the physics definitely could have used some work, but I still found it enjoyable to play.
The game is really good. If your a big fan of the classics you might find it hard at first with the different physics. But it's a fun game if you can get past all that. Because of the extreme absurdity of the Sonic Fanbase it almost seems half of the base marks it as a horrible game for the physics being all wrong.

And the only question is still if Sonic 4 is deserving of it's title. It's really up to opinion. And I don't think the answer can fully be said up until all the episodes of Sonic 4 are done and being played.
I just downloaded the game and everything you heard about the physics is true. When Sonic is standing it feels like he has a chain ball tied on his feet. He feels extremely heavy and takes a lot of time to accelerate.
I just finished the game and the final boss was totally worth it. Overall it's a pretty good game, worth the 15000 points if you are a Sonic fan. It does have some disadvantages like dull music, excessive use of homing attack and the bad physics that make Sonic slow in his running start.
I hope this new Sonic game is for DS. Anyway, just got a copy of a Sonic Chronicles Dark Brotherhood. I can't wait to play that game after I finish Fire Emblem. Yeah!
I don't want to pay $15 for a game with 12 levels. I would only do that if I was a hardcore Sonic fan. Heck, I'm no good at the Genesis games.
So, apparently, Episode 2 already in development. According to that link, they're taking a lot of Episode 1's complaints into consideration, and are trying to improve upon those flaws in the next episode. Aside from "OMG, GREEN EYES!", the main issue that many people (including myself) had with the first episode, was the physics. While they didn't necessarily make the game entirely unplayable like many people have claimed, I still think they could have used some work. Another issue is the lack of new content, which is apparently going to be featured in Episode 2.