Remaining Princess Peach: Showtime! articles


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I present to you… the sequel to my Remaining Super Mario Bros. Wonder articles thread!

This thread is to provide motivation and encouragement to create every article dedicated to the newest Mario game starring Princess Peach - Princess Peach: Showtime! What's amazing is that there are already so many articles created since the game came out a week ago! Like my Remaining Super Mario Bros. Wonder articles thread, this will be focused on level articles.

If you plan on creating an article, please post a reply to this thread so that there won't be editing conflicts. Once all of the articles are created, this thread will be moved to the "Completed projects archive".

🎵And all we need to do is work together!🎵

- Cozy Glow

Now, let's see those articles!

1F: Already complete!



  • Cowgirl Rehearsal

  • Ninjutsu: The Art of Flames
  • A Kung Fu Tale
  • The Case of the Rainy-Day Plot
  • Kung Fu Rehearsal

  • Mighty Mission: The Rescue
  • A Kung Fu Legend
  • Mighty Rehearsal

  • The Dark Ninja & the Legion of Guards
  • The Dark Locomotive & the Doomed Town
  • The Dark Museum & the Purple Mystery
  • Dark Space & the Great Meteor
  • The Dark School & the Twisted Fist

There may or may not be ponies.
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I have uploaded all album images and they are in the game's gallery page. These can be used in the level articles as you see fit.
March 30, 2024: I created Darkle Boss: Purrjector Cat! I didn't use the wheel for this one as it was my first level article for the game. It's good to start with an easy one right?
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April 4, 2024: I have created Dark Swordfighter! Honestly I think it'd be better if all of the characters have articles before we get to work on more stage articles for the game.
Is Dark Swordfighter actually supposed to be the name for the character though, or was it named after the stage name? I feel the article should have a conjecture tag on it.
@Nightwicked Bowser I thought his name was Dark Swordfighter because the stage has "Dark Swordfighter" in the name. A lot of these Sour Bunch bosses are probably going to have the "conjecture" template because they don't have official names.

Funnily enough, I was going to ask a question on the "Sour Bunch" article regarding the names for these bosses. Some examples would include the cowboy in the first Cowgirl Peach stage, the Figure Skater and the Kung Fu Master.
April 5, 2024: Today I plan on working on several Sparkla articles! Here are the ones I plan on creating:

  • Patisseire Sparkla
  • Dashing Thief Sparkla
  • Cowboy Sparkla
  • Detective Sparkla
Patissiere Sparkla is created! Now I want dessert. I feel like she and Pinkie Pie would be best friends!
Ooh! Looks like a stage article has been created! That article is A Parade on Ice, and it's all thanks to DandelionSprout!
April 6, 2024: Today I plan creating the other 5 Sparkla articles! Why am I typing this at 4:07 AM (EST)? Because I woke up and just can't go back to sleep.
I have created Kung Fu Sparkla! He's a worthy opponent all right - if a Kung Fu villain were to challenge him, their battle would be legendary!

Now for me to get more sleep. Goodnight!
I have created Mermaid Sparkla! I haven't really seen The Little Mermaid, so I can't make any well prepared jokes for this one. Sorry. The only one I can think of is "Under the Sea"!
Pictioneer has been created thanks to DandelionSprout! I think we have a fellow Princess Peach: Showtime! fan on the Mario Wiki!