Remaining Princess Peach: Showtime! articles

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April 18, 2024: I should mention this now - I won't be active on the wiki for the weekend. I have to write a five page paper on a media subject. I decided to choose "The history of black and white cartoons", and I'm having fun creating it. Don't worry! I'll still document new articles created by other users!
April 21, 2024: I'm late on this one, but VERY EARLY in the morning, DandelionSprout created The Dark School & the Twisted Fist! Only two articles left to go!

Also I finished my "history of black and white cartoons" project!
April 23, 2024: You know what? Let's finish this. I'm going to create the final stage article - The Dark Museum & the Purple Mystery!

I DID IT I DID IT! All stages have been created!
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YAY! Another successful thread that has achieved its goal. I would like to thank everyone who helped out during this process:
  • Derekblue1 for uploading all the media files for the media files and creating some articles for the game
  • @Nightwicked Bowser for uploading lots of images about the game, ranging from the album photos to the decorations
  • FanOfRosalina2007 for adding in quotes and GIF images for this game
  • DandelionSprout for creating lots of articles for the game
  • Anyone else that has contributed in any way
Sure there are still normal articles that need to be created + there's still some touch-ups here and there, but this thread was all about the stages of the game! I just added the normal articles that were created as bonuses.

I'm sorry I didn't contribute as much as when I made my "Remaining Super Mario Bros. Wonder articles" thread.

What'll the next article related thread be? We'll just have to wait and see!

Once again, congratulations everyone!
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