Would you marry...?

I've said this once, no
Heck naw. I'm not marrying a Luigi-shaped pile of pee-yellow goo. Also, uh,
I am sorry but I cannot marry a character from a company that competes with my home company of Nintendo like Taito Corporation, which is where you're from. There's only room for one top dog in the video game market and it's going to be Nintendo. We will totally destroy all who oppose us and drive them all out of business!!!! There can be only one winner!!!! :drybow: 🔥

LOL.......I'm sorry; I seriously couldn't resist; I thought it would be so funny. @Zdrmonster Productions I guess you (your character) wouldn't want to marry me (my character) either?
In layman's terms, YOU CANNOT BEAT US
I mean, I've watched TCNick3 a few times and it's really entertaining. And the Pokemon (idk the name) is kinda cute in my opinion so probably.