Will full dive VR caused the real world to be abandoned?


Hi Guys,

Will full dive VR cause the real world to be abandoned where everybody stays home and uses full dive VR instead of engaging with the real world and having in person interactions.

Or will people still want to engage with the real world and travel either within their own cities or travel overseas regardless of how immersive VR becomes?

I'm not talking about the near future, in talking about like about 20 years later when AGI comes out and we don't need to work.
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I think that if such a technology were to become possible and widely adopted, there would always be some proportion of the population who won't adopt it for cultural or personal reasons, such as the Amish. I personally find the real world to be worth spending most of my time in even if simulations could perfectly imitate the sensations of being outdoors simply due to the fact that in reality my experience is objective, whereas in a simulation, my experience would be controlled to a large degree by the creator of the simulation. I think that there is a meaningful freedom from living outside.


it possibly could be adopted by the mid-upper classes, but it would DEFINITELY not be a stable setup. The major problem with this is that earth couldn't be abandoned obviously because we would still need our physical bodies to stay in a livable environment. What would most likely happen in this case is that, while the affluent, technologically interested folks would have a good time doing.. well, not much in the VR world, we would still need millions of people in the working class to support these people irl, and if you want to talk about AGI, it won't end well either, I won't say too much about it, but if you want, google what people are saying about it. Even still, there would just be people (like me) that would not take part in it, mostly to maintain stability in their lives. In a world of money, entertainment, and jobs all being (in a way) make-believe, there would be an extremely instable economic and political setup. Imagine the influence of hackers. Harassment of all kinds would show up everywhere. If you have depression, anxiety, or illness, how would that be treated in a virtual world? Is full-dive VR just assumed to be a utopia? The point is, it is not a happy thing. If digital society all crumbled down one day, where would all those people be in the real world? The people living physically, like me, would still be working hard, earning a stable living. I could only assume that the newly-grounded partakers of full-dive VR, now without a job or power, and in a state of shame, would be completely subdued by the working people and immediately formed into a very low class of, essentially, slaves. The main idea is that this is definitely not a desirable thing to happen, so if society has any common sense left, they will avoid full-dive VR at all costs. To sum it up, people won't take full-dive VR very seriously, not only because of common sense, but because of a desire to partake in real life, real interactions, real emotion. This is part of the human condition.

I really have no idea what I'm talking about though, I didn't even do any research on this, so just disregard this post if you found it to be nonsense

whoops, I accidently wrote that way too long, I meant for it to be a few casual remarks 💀

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It's not going to happen for the following reasons.

1. People need to eat.
2. People need to pay electricity bills and conduct infrastructure maintenance.
3. People need to deliver things such as things people need to eat and people need to pay bills.

There is certainly more these are just the things that came to my mind.

VR is not a substitute for actually visiting locations either nor is a substitute for multiple outdoor hobbies and recreational activities.