Beyond Belief with Meowkie Frakes


Heat fu

Hello, good people of this website, we live in an age where lies are so prevalent that the unbelievable truths have been dismissed as such.
You might have noticed I have been making requests for such stories from this very website, the truth is that I have been given a suggestion to write for a special edition of the Shroom but aren't they all special in their own way?

I don't want standard nice stories though I do request the stories be positive, I am searching for what seems to be a work of fantasy but happened in reality, truth is often stranger than fiction I've heard.

I do think giving credit is not something beyond my belief, anyone who steps up will be given their due, I will also be telling my own stories but are they real or as trustworthy as a Shroom induced hallucination?
The year? 2007. A lawless time. The Wii was still new. Super Mario Galaxy 2? Not even a whisper on the wind. The 'Shroom? In its infancy, and not that much to talk about at that point, if we're being honest.

You might ask yourself "why would anyone go back to those dark times?" Yeah, well kid, in this business, professionals don't get paid to ask "why", we get paid to find out the truth.

It was in November of that year, Issue IX of The 'Shroom. Now why the big bosses might want to hide the most popular section of the paper right before the milestone of double digits for the sake of an unfunny joke, that, kid, nobody has the answer to. Times, they were different. Everybody was tweens, teens. Who knows what thoughts were rattling around in heads back then.

So issue IX comes out, whoopdie-doo, but readers start noticing something strange. The Fake News, it's missing. A single line, that's all there is. It's an apology, says that the Fake News will come out November 8th, 2015.

Any significance to that date? I dug and dug, but nothing. Nada. Zilch. For the big bosses back then, it might as well have been 2024, or 2043. It wasn't anything more than a generic year that seemed far away. Back then, they probably thought it was funny because nobody thought The 'Shroom would last that long.

Of course, all anyone had to do to see the "missing" Fake News was press the "edit" or "view source" button, but anyone who didn't know how a wiki worked was out of luck. Years passed. They hauled it down to the archives. It sat forgetten. The case of the missing Fake News went cold.

Then it happened. One of our finest dug through the archives, and discovered that the missing Fake News had come out nearly three years before he pulled it out of the archives. He made sure it was viewable for all to see, then set it back in its proper place.

Really something, that tale, isn't it? An in-joke by a bunch of young kids in 2007, probably convinced their little paper wouldn't last all the way to 2015, finally brought to completion in 2018. Hard to believe, I know, but in this line of work, you find out these kinds of stories are the tame ones...

I don't make the cases. I just work 'em. There's the facts, plain and simple, on the missing Fake News. Far stranger cases out there that others can bring you - far stranger - but there's something to work with.

In this business? There's always something stranger just around the corner. Just you wait and see.
Imagine, if you will, a player, eliminated from a game which he had never signed up for. Seemingly paradoxical, antithetical to the progress of the game itself, in fact. But this is what happened to one Hooded Pitohui.

World of Plight Mafia has just begun. As to be expected, the joke votes quickly begin to fly, a desperate attempt to generate discussion at a time when little information is known. One such vote lands on Hooded Pitohui, who had never signed up for the game in the first place. "He's clearly Mafia," Shoey reasons, "trying to trick us with the ole "not in the game double bluff"". The investigative mind at work is truly fascinating.

In most cases, such behavior would be dismissed as mere japery. But as the phase reaches its halfway point, Pitohui mysteriously appears in the game's vote tally. A situation where a vote for a player not registered is treated as valid. Naturally, curiosity is piqued. What would happen if a player not even in the game were to be eliminated? After all, the game has only just begun, and few would be interested in removing another player so early. Little success has come from doing so in the past. The votes pile on to the poor spectator, and remain even as confirmation comes from the hosts that eliminating him will have no effect on the game. His fate was sealed.

In isolation, a strange occurrence. But such an event happened twice. Give the eveil scientist man his two nickels.

Just a few months later, during the first day of The 'Shroom Mafia 4, another vote is placed, this time for the unfortunate Snack. His crime? Not playing the game. Whether the complaint was literal and the vote merely a joke, or a genuine misunderstanding and belief that he had signed up for the game but not participated, will forever remain a mystery. Though it did not gain the traction of the first, it continued to be a source of confusion into the game's second day, with other players believing Snack actually was in the game. Such confusion led to a faux modkill from the hosts and clarification that Snack was not a participant in the game.

Such is the story of possibly the first two spectator eliminations, though considering the wasteland state of classic Mario Boards mafia, we may never know for sure. A cautionary tale for those who believe they are safe on the sidelines of a mafia game.
I don't know why I went so dramatic with this but it was fun