SSB Glitches


i was originally going to put ssbb glitches but if you guys have ones for the other games feel free.

i know of a glitch in brawl, with jigglypuff. i don't know if this cheat is a common one... but if you get his final smash in the bridge of eldin stage, hang on to it. hold onto it untill you see the pig/bull thing go across the screen and blow up the middle. now wait untill the bridge is about to be fixed. as the black stuff pours from the twilight realm jump into the broken part of the bridge. use jigglys special as the dark matter comes around you. if done correctly jiggly will be huge for the remander of the life.
Jigglypuff is female.
I saw one where this guy had a Brawl replay, but the same replay went differently every other time you played it.

Glitch with replaying the battle I guess.
I was never able to get the black hole to work right. It almost always bounces away, and when I got it to stay, it didn't work right.
I got into an invisible box in melee once. On that second DK stage. I was playing with Luigi, I ended up in an explosion of a few attacks, and was locked in an invisible square. I couldn't get killed, but couldn't move far either.

This really happened.
Loved the black hole glitch ;D

How about the infinite Super Scope glitch? It's like this: you need to shoot 15 single shots. Then shoot 2 fully charged shots. Charge the third one, but make sure someone hits you before you release the shot. Test it out. Works anywhere.

You can't do the black hole glitch without doing this one first.

How about Daisy's 3rd eye?

Anyone ever witnessed Peach getting stuck on the top left side of Hyrule Temple?
I can never make the black hole work, it always either freezes the game or flies away.
Fassad said:
I can never get it to work since I do not have four people to play with. :(

You don't need four people to play with. You can actually do it with one person handling four controllers. Just my sister and I performed this glitch.

Handling four controllers is possible, but I guess hard.
King Porky said:
I can never make the black hole work, it always either freezes the game or flies away.

Well, the black hole glitch is a very interesting glitch.... :(
WaluigiWare said:
Black hole glitch? ???

I don't know why it's called the Black Hole glitch, but I see spinning turnips that turn people to a star instantly in one spot. It's very awesome.

Oh and what about Daisy's Third eye glitch? ;D :D :)
I don't know if this is a glitch, but I copied Ike's ability with kirby and used his B move on 5 blast boxes in the exact same place, and kirby took 200 damage but stayed completely still!