Issue 190

Waluigi Time

The Slapstick
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Poll Committee
Retired Wiki Staff
Hello there, 'Shroom readers! The first 'Shroom issue of the year has been released! This is going to be a big year for The 'Shroom, as we'll be celebrating our 200th issue this coming November! We'll be working hard to make this a great year for the paper and the community!

Beyond our usual offerings, we have a couple of extra things this issue. One of those things is the results of last month's 'Shroom Holiday Scavenger! You can see statistics for the event and a gallery of all the hidden items drawn by GBA. It's definitely worth looking at, and don't forget, the scavenger hunt is still open to play!

Also, as of last night, the Director Election wrapped up, and Hooded Pitohui and I will be your Director and Sub-Director respectively for 2023! Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign, we're very excited to see the paper through this year! We've written up a Directorial Address with some of our plans for the year, so please do give that a read.

And with that, I am free from writing these announcements for now. Enjoy the issue!
Have you already taken a look at our Holiday Scavenger wrap-up, with its full list of the items featured in the scavenger? Are you still interested in completing the scavenger for yourself after seeing the list?

Whether you've read the wrap-up and seen the items or not, if you're still looking for a list of the locations where the scavenger's items are hidden, look no further! We've got a full list of item locations below, with the item names spoiler tagged in case you've been holding off on peeking at the full list until you find them all for yourself. Just click the blank space in front of the location to reveal the name of the item.

Remember, you won't find items hidden around issue 190. Go back an issue to issue 189 to look for these!

1. Stellar Orb - Main Page, covering the Item Box on the Scavenger Hunt button
2. Sleep Powder Script - Staff Notes, go left from the screen in Roserade's image
3. Eight Silver Coins - End-of-the-Year Awards, on the right Toad Award Icon
4. Rainbow Cloud - The 'Shroom Holiday Scavenger, beginning of second box of text
5. Tailwind Feathers - Fake News, Mushroom Tribune, under the second talksprite icon
6. Mario Kart TV Guide - Fake News, TV Tomorrow, at the right end of the section header
7. Grapple Gun - Fun Stuff, top left corner of team banner at top of page
8. Cayde's Racing Gloves - Fun Stuff, Hiding Koopa, inside the train in the main image
9. Ye Ole' Six Shooter - Fun Stuff, Where in the Marioverse is Carmen Sandiego?, in the final answer box
10. Cereal Bob-omb - Palette Swap, Waluigi Time Comic, in the 5th panel (L->R, Top ->Bottom), first comic
11. Hampunster Bob-omb - Palette Swap, Shmaluigi, Private Investigator- Beneath centered section logo
12. K-Pop Album - Pipe Plaza, NIWA News, right of "Big Run is coming!" subheader
13. Hot Dog - Pipe Plaza, Poll Committee Discussion, Atop third figure (from left) in banner, silhouette
14. Anton's Glasses - Critic Corner, Director's Notes, hidden in sleeve of portrait (of the hand with the sign)
15. Galaxia - Critic Corner, All-Time Smash Merit Ranking, behind top right corner of Meta Knight image
16. Cup of Relaxing Green Tea - Critic Corner, Anton's Half-Baked Reviews, next to milk in large kitchen art
17. Money Blaster - Strategy Wing, Getting that Payday, above third (final) image in the section
18. Mach Speed Booster - Strategy Wing, Pitohui's Pokémon Academy, bottom right corner of move table
19. Octoberry - Strategy Wing, The Greatest Quest, corner of "Your majesty, we've finally found you" image.
20. Chieftain Staff - Strategy Wing, To Infinity and Beyond, next to "Hammer Time" image
21. Three Guns - Thank You, Ninja Squid, bottom right corner of the page
22. Plague Doctor Mask - PC Election Proposal, top right corner of the page
23. Shroomy Holiday Cake - Awarded when 22 items are collected.

Thank you all again for participating in the scavenger, and, don't forget, it's still open! You can start or continue it at any time by going here!