Issue 184

Waluigi Time

Issue 200!!!
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Hello 'Shroom readers! Expecting Ninja Squid? TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME.

The latest issue of The 'Shroom has been released! We've got plenty of the usual sections here from our fantastic team of writers, so be sure to give them a read. We also have the conclusion of last issue's 'Shroomfest, so be sure to read 'Shroomfest Highlights to see the ending story and find out whether Team Beaches or Team Amusement Parks achieved victory! I'm not spoiling it here, so go read it!

We'd also like to congratulate Fun With Despair on becoming the Poll Committee Chairperson for the Thirteenth Poll Committee! Be sure to read his Poll Chairperson Address for more on his plans for this year and the application process. If you're interested and think you have what it takes, definitely consider applying!

Finally, we're excited to announce that our Website Manager, Lakituthequick is now officially our Programming Manager as well! He's put so much effort into The 'Shroom over the past several years, and a lot of the fancy stuff you see that makes The 'Shroom look nice wouldn't be possible without him. Congratulations LTQ, and thank you very much for all of your hard work!

Also, don't forget about the upcoming Mario Awards ceremony on August 12th! If you're unfamiliar with the Awards, you can find out more in the Mario Awards XVI board. And maybe consider signing up for some presentations, that would be cool if you did.

That's about it for now, thanks for reading and enjoy the issue!