I am an average disliker of Pokémon games and here’s my opinions!


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Red/Blue/Yellow: The games aged, not so well. The Pokémon were more memorable than other gens because many were made for specific purposes Chansey/ Kangaskhan for the safari zone, Snorlax for path blocking, etc. but the graphics are awful. It’s a gameboy game so I can’t complain. Note: I’ve never played this, I’m just going off what I know. And what I saw from other people playing it.

Gold/Silver/Crystal: They added the Rocket grunt theme : )! Two regions! Legendary beasts and day/ night! Don’t forget about friendship! Loads of new content, that’s great. As for the story… homeless Team Rocket? Slowpoke Tails? Err.. scary Miltank? Jerkier rival than Blue/Green/Gary/Pooface? I don’t have much to say. This game is alright, but its Kanto is pretty empty. It is a Gameboy game though. Note: I’ve never played this, I’m just going off what I know. And what I saw from other people playing it.

Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald: Music absolutely slaps! Gives me nostalgia even though I only played ORAS and a bit of Emerald recently! Ah, yes the GBA. Truly loves up to the A. Much improved graphics and sound quality. THIS is what I think of when I think “old Pokémon.” Only real complaints are that in this game Archie/Maxie’s goals are harder to understand than in ORAS (shout out to ORAS for that!) and Archie/Maxie are essentially the same person. One likes water, one likes land. (Once again, shout out to ORAS for that!)

Diamond/Pearl: I strongly dislike these. SLOW. The game has pauses. EVERY SINGLE TURN. In a TURN BASED GAME. For people who don’t want to take a whole move slot for defog to travel through one route. That route was most of my gameplay. Half of my moves missed (fog) waiting forever for my turn… absolute pain! Also, story was never a strong thing for Pokémon games… but come on! Man sad. He no longer wants sad. Wants to destroy world? Defeat him? He and his stupid Team JUST DISAPPEAR WITH A FLASH. THAT’S IT.

Platinum: Imagine Diamond/Pearl, but a much better game. Story improved. No battle pauses! (HP bar still takes a long time to go, BUT so much of an improvement!) Fantina’s and Gardenia’s gyms are improved! Instead of Team Galactic just disappearing, CYRUS GETS KIDNAPPED! Sounds like a terrible thing to be excited about, but after the yawnfest that DP was, Platinum is AMAZING. (Plus this game doesn’t have the stupid 151 Pokédex like DP.) (also, nostalgic soundtrack!)

Black/White: “OMG!! N IS SO ATTRACTIVE” “Ghetsis best villain ever!!” “GREATEST GAME EVAH!!” I have nothing against these games. Love the soundtrack, love the designs and Team Plasma. But… these games are more linear than SWSH! But at least the games have cool puzzle areas like Chargestone cave and Reversal mountain. Good Game overall. Just REALLY FLIPPIN’ Overrated.

B2W2: This is THE GAME! Team Plasma’s cooler, The gym theme’s better, and Black/White Kyurem! Also the PWT with the past gym leaders and new remixes for their theme may be Nostalgia bait, but it is MUCH BETTER NOSTALGIA BAIT THAN TEAM RAINBOW ROCKET. It makes a lot of sense honestly, who WOULDN’T wanna become world champ? Anyways, onto the games everyone seems to hate.

X/Y: Kanto. Wait, I thought this was Kalos! Nope. There’s three sectors of the Pokédex. All three have exactly 151 Pokémon to catch. The professor gives you a Kalos starter… and a Kanto starter. This gen introduced mega evolution! What Pokémon can mega evolve? Hopefully less powerful Pokémon that need a power boost… let’s see. Blastoise… Venusaur… Gengar… Charizard gets two? Mewtwo gets two as WELL?! Pandering. Gen 1 pandering. Anyways… lets try to ignore that. Dreadfully easy. No difficulty options. Lysandre is cooler than Cyrus. Anyways.. There’s a story about a war and an immortal man… it’s hard to remember, but felt sort of out of place in Pokémon, even though I liked it. Overall, truly great soundtrack amd improved graphics. Loved character customization (although male options stink.)

ORAS: Essentially just better Ruby/Sapphire (not emerald.)

Sun/Moon: even worse gen 1 worshiping than X/Y. Main Character is from Kanto. Only Kanto Pokémon get regional forms. There’s way more in USUM, just wait. Lillie. I wish she got better development than her just going to KANTO. She gave us Nebbie. Why?? “These four tiny islands will be such a better adventure than the massive Kanto-Johto region” honestly, we just play as a camera to see Lillie’s story. Like we’re playing as the Lakitu from SM64. Remember kids when WE were the main character? Pepperidge farm remembers. The island trials were refreshing, but where’s Mina’s trial? What about that CLEARLY VISIBLE UNUSED GOLF STRIP? EH? Clearly made for Kahili. Also, I don’t mind cutscenes if they’re skipppable… they’re not. It’s AWFUL. Every two minutes… a cutscene! USUM IS EVEN WORSE WITH THIS! I’ll write USUM later it’s so bad. It’s so bad it manages to be worse than S/M.

SWSH: it’s painfully easy,awkward to play. But its cutscenes are skippable! 10/10 experience after playing USUM!!

“Brilliant” Diamond and “Shining” Pearl: Essentially just fast HD Diamond and Pearl. Not platinum… Diamond and Pearl feels like a copy/paste. Cyrus doesn’t even get kidnapped! Boo! Not a single new thing except… clothes (a basic feature that should be in every game… and legendaries. How original.) Note: I’ve never played this, I’m just going off what I know. And what I saw from other people playing it. Unlike the others I don’t know the exact experience playing it, I played Diamond and Pearl so I know EXACTLY WHAT IT’S LIKE playing it.

I respect your opinons and these are just mine. (Also, is this the right place to put this?)


Author of Magitech!
USUM. What nobody was waiting for.

3 minutes to wait to select a starter. Tutorials. Flippin’ tutorials. “This could be a kid’s first game! Chill out, Nic!” I admit, that’s true but! There’s people that have been playing Pokémon for over a decade, sitting through the unskippable tutorial. There’s also a heavily unbalanced boss that’s a higher level than the “final” boss. Also, the legendary finding thing is pure luck, no skill. One thing though that’s good. The music slaps! But that is about it. As for actual positives compared to S/M, Bette victory road/ Hau character development. That’s it.

Ch. 1: Mother heckin’ cutscenes

Walk through a route: cutscene!
Beat someone: Cutscene!
Walk in a house? Cutscene!
I love cutscenes! They deliver story, fresh, great story! But honestly… these cutscenes… awkwardly animated, and unskippable! Not so bad if playing for the first time, but the second time… even gen 5 although “cutscenes” were unskippable, you could just mash a and skip the story!

Ch. 2: story got worse?

massive spoilers

aighty… Lilly, girl with lil’ Pokémon, nebbie. Also gang. Lillie’s mum is in charge of Pokémon research/preservation facility. Lillkie’s brother in the gang. Mum goes insane because of husbands disappearance and toxins in the brain. Brother ran away and joined gang to not be controlled by crazy mum. Mum tries to kill Lillie, we gotta save her.
That’s sun and moon’s story. Now USUM advertises their story as better and more complete.

usum’s story
Same girl, but blue guys try to take her. Lillie’s mum is.. anti-hero? What the heck! She imprisons Pokémon in ice cubes and hires that gang to kidnap Lillie? I’m not making this up. It makes no more sense playing the game than reading this. Also Ultra people have opposite legendary Pokémon and need me to defeat necrozma?? (Fight has good music not gonna lie. Love the organ.)

Ch.3 Nostalgia (bait)

“OMG!! THEY BROUGHT BACK TJE PREVIOUS VILLAINS!! THIS SEQUAL GONNA BE EPIC!” Is what I thought buying the game. A full on sequel (like b2w2) where Rainbow Rocket are the main bad guys and their dimensional scr*wing triggered necrozma. But nope! They’re just three hours worth of post-game. (Why does Cyrus’s theme sound so tropical? It has bongos; and this Cyrus is supposed to be an emotionless man. Not really fitting but it sounds good can’t complain. [if I were in charge of the music I’d make his theme a flatter, less grand version of his original, showing what he did to himself. But hey, music guy in USUM wrote the Necrozma theme, so they’re a musical genius.]) So many thing in here that are just worthless nostalgia bait. Johto inspired area, (not bad) Looker and Annabelle? (Okay, not gonna lie, this was way better in S/M.), Grimsley, Colress, Cynthia, Wally? Gee, I wonder how much Kanto nostalgia they put in here.

Ch.4 K-K-KANTO?!!

I love Kanto as much as everyone else does. It’s kinda nostalgic although I never played a Kanto game. How’re they gonna trigger my nostalgia… Nugget bridge clone? Regional forms exclusive to Kanto ‘mons (none new to USUM)? Rainbow ROCKET? MC from Kanto? Kantonian gym (they coulda called it the “traditional gym” but Nooo!)? Red and Blue/Gree/Gary/Idiot/Stinky/Pooface as adults? A surfing Pikachu? Pikachu has not 1 but 2 exclusive Z-moves?

look at the Kanto nostalgia compared to every other attempt at nostalgia bait.

Ch. 5 Random stuff no one asked for.

The surfing was just alright.
But WHO IN THE WORLD ASKED FOR PIKACHU VALLEY?! this place is so forgettable I forgot about it when writing the Kanto nostalgia thing. I spent like about 1-2 and a half minutes there (real time) and left forever.

1.5/10 experience. Only redeeming thing is the music.

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