1. Greninja The Mario Karter

    Ranking The Eeveelutions From Weakest To Strongest

    I've already ranked the eighteen types in Pokémon from worst to best, so why not rank the eight Eeveelutions from weakest to strongest? Number 8: Glaceon Starting us off in 8th place is naturally the weakest Eeveelution, and I have to give that award to Glaceon. For starters, let's talk about...
  2. Greninja The Mario Karter

    Ranking The Pokémon Types From Worst To Best

    There are eighteen types in Pokémon, and naturally, some types are better than others. I've decided to look at the types from worst to best, and find out where they all fall. I've done some research to come up with what I believe is the worst type all the way to the best. With all that said...
  3. Temenos Mistral

    Sevii Islands or Bust: A Pokémon LeafGreen Playthrough

    Sevii Islands or Bust: A Pokémon LeafGreen Playthrough What's up? What's this? For years now, actually maybe a decade at this point, I have wanted to return to the Sevii Islands, one of my favorite places in all of Pokémon. FireRed and LeafGreen were among the very first games I ever played...
  4. Phantom R

    Unpopular Pokemon opinions

    Self explanatory. 1. I like Cyrus, but I don't treat him like he succeeded in his plans and became a god. His battle theme isn't the best in the series, either. (I like some of the catchy battle themes in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.) 2. I disliked Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity...
  5. Emo Furcorn

    I am an average disliker of Pokémon games and here’s my opinions!

    Red/Blue/Yellow: The games aged, not so well. The Pokémon were more memorable than other gens because many were made for specific purposes Chansey/ Kangaskhan for the safari zone, Snorlax for path blocking, etc. but the graphics are awful. It’s a gameboy game so I can’t complain. Note: I’ve...
  6. Cynder

    Hurt and Heal: Pokémon Galar Gym Leaders

    Milo: 30 Nessa: 30 Kabu: 30 Bea: 30 Alister: 30 Opal: 30 Gordie: 30 Melony: 30 Piers: 30 Raihan: 30