Describe the above user in way too much detail

A user who is a fan of fictitious felines, posting in the forum games section, and asking people questions.
An ace lesbian who is very proud of who she is, she is a fan of Thomas and Friends, Magical Girls and interesting lives of real people, she will not hesitate to stare her opinion
A relatively new member of the community but one who is fun to engage in games with. They like the various game-like forum threads on Super Mario Boards and have a liking for jokes and humour as well.
A British(?) brony who also likes Teen Titans Go and LEGO.
I thought brony was just for guys? And pegasister was the female term
And yes I am indeed British
A user who created a brief fad on the boards, wants people to read their story, and also hasn't been on this forum since early April, slightly over a month after they joined these boards.
A user who joined two years ago and goes by both She/Her and They/Them. This user enjoys Thomas the Tank Engine, Manga, female villains, and sharing her opinions. This user is also quite suspicious of old accounts that rarely post.
A very new user which does not have much for me to go off of. They joined this week and has an affinity for corydora catfish

(They also share my birthday)
A recently new user who might be big into Roblox. Not much about them is know, but they seem nice.
A very nice roleplayer who is also fun to talk with in ask threads. He is a big fan of animaniacs and cars. He used to talk very often about Frozen. He adores the Nintendo Switch.
Best known for their love of cats, they bring a big array of positivity and humorous jokes with them that make everyone smile.