The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)

OH MY GOD, Baby Peach is in the movie?!! That image that BLOF posted of her is so f***ing adorable. She has the cutest eyes 🥹

Also, I'm glad that they gave Peach a good role that's different from her usual role in the games. She gets to actually do stuff and is an action girl in the movie, from what I can tell. Glad they made Luigi be the kidnapped princess instead.

(None of that is spoiler-y, right? You've all seen that in the trailers)
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All I can say is WOW!!! The Super Mario Bros. Movie is breaking records to an unprecedented level. A $377 Million opening weekend ($204 Million domestically) making it the biggest opening for an animated movie of all time. Nintendo and Illumination has really done everything right to please Super Mario fans like you guys, and families in general. Not only does this unprecedented success totally annihilates all the demons from the disastrous 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros. Movie it also makes Universal the new king of family friendly movies, dethroning Disney after decades of their dominance at the box office. It could not have come at a better time, because Disney is a mess after two box office bombs with Lightyear and Strange World thanks to all the woke propaganda that Disney is saturating their animated movies that is keeping families with children away. The Super Mario Bros. Movie has no woke propaganda what so ever, along with doing a video game adaptation right, that is a formula for major success. Bob Iger has got to be lying down face first on his bed crying like a baby over hearing that The Super Mario Bros. Movie is just annihilating Disney.
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The 'Anti-Woke" crowd went apeshit over Peach being proactive before shifting to "This giant unfeeling Corp is totally owning that other giant unfeeling corp"
I went to the movie cause I'm a fan of Mario and the trailers impressed me, not to do something as meaningless as participate in a culture war
Also, acknowledging queer people exist and aren't inherently horrible is not going to harm any child in the slightest, it's going make them understand and help queer kids feel accepted
A day late since I actually saw it yesterday but I was very much amazed by this film! This is now possibly one of my favourite films of all time, mainly due to the very satisfying amount of references such as Luigi's ringtone being the GameCube theme (though I do have to say I'm very much dissappointed that there were zero references to the Paper Mario series or to the Mario & Luigi series as far as I recall). The animation was some of the best - everything is so smooth and the lighting is just outstanding. I actually liked the voice acting for the most part, especially for Bowser and Peach. Plenty of funny moments and meme scenes (I loved the "DON'T TOUCH THAT MUSHROOM YOU'LL DIE!!!!"). As I had been anticipating from the trailers, Peach was extremely cute yet also very cool and interesting, and I found her very well written and a welcome departure from her traditional role in the games (similar to SPM I guess) making her probably my favourite character in the movie (I guess Luigi took the place of being the one who needs saving lmao). Her voice acting was also amazing though I honestly didn't feel like Taylor-Joy's voice sounded familiar having watched The New Mutants. I'm not sure how I feel about Donkey Kong being a bit of a jerk tbh. The power ups were extremely well handled, especially the cat suit scene.

The Baby Luigi scene immediately made me smile because I knew that it would make BLOF happy.

I did enjoy the amazing remixes of various tunes in the Movie (such as the remix of the main theme, the underground theme, and a few bits from Odyssey, Galaxy 2 and DKCR off the top of my head) - however I was once again dissappointed that there were none from the RPGs as my favourite soundtracks by far are from TTYD and SPM, with close runners up including Superstar Saga, Bowser's Inside Story, and Dream Team. I'm honestly not sure how I feel about including tracks such as Take on Me and Holding Out for a Hero as while I very much like those two songs, they're entirely outside the Mario universe (or indeed Nintendo) and it feels weird to have outside songs in official Mario stuff - also both of those songs were already strongly tied in my mind to certain scenes from other "kids" movies, namely the Time Cycles scene from Teen Titans Go to the Movies and the castle invasion from Shrek 2.

I also think its pretty cool how Mario and Luigi have canon parents (and other relatives) in this movie. I think Spike is supposed to be a reference to a real life person but I didn't know who he was really so that was lost on me I guess. Also no Toadsworth is a big letdown, especially when there were moments that it'd have made so much sense for him to be there. Especially in the Peach backstory scene, a young Toadsworth meeting and raising Baby Peach would have been epic.

I guess I maybe have mixed feelings about the Super Star being the maguffin given that it is initially hyped up to be of huge significance but then doesn't really serve much during the majority of the plot and then ultimately gets used AGAINST him because he just didn't guard it well enough I guess? And given all it was hyped up to be it was a one time use that only lasted a few minutes, granted it did make them 100% invincible but I still feel that doesn't match up with how much importance Bowser placed on it?

I would probably say I found the Banzai Bill scene a bit annoying as that really should've been the end of Peach's castle but apparently the Banzai Bill gets easily distracted by Mario dressed as a racoon. (Plus the whole Banzai exploding inside a pipe creating a black hole that sucks everyone into Brooklyn is a little odd to say the least.)

I have never played MK8(D) and don't like MKWii but even then I found the Kart construction scene epic and the rainbow road sequence very impressive, especially the anti-gravity and the blue shell scene.

I guess I do think it was a bit shorter than I'd have liked and the plot could also use a bit more substance (it's no secret that I love the story rich Mario games and movies are a generally more story driven medium) but on the other hand I do understand why there wouldn't be too much story and I hope that any sequels we might get (which it looks like we will based on the post credits scene) have more. I guess it makes sense to do the first film being mostly an adaptation of the traditional Mario story, except for Peach's proactivity. Hopefully the sequels could be a bit more original and creative.

All in all yes, it may not be perfect, but the amount of goodies, references to my favourite games, fun moments, animation, voice acting, and soundtrack for this movie easily place it as one of the most special experiences I have ever had from a movie and a childhood dream come true.
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au contrary to the nonsense earlier: the mario movie is woke.

it promotes the idea that low-income/blue collar adult descendants of immigrants who live with their mom and dad (and in real life italian immigrants have been historically been subject to discrimination) are capable of saving the world
au contrary to the nonsense earlier: the mario movie is woke.

What makes you think there is woke nonsense in The Super Mario Bros. Movie? If there was, then The Super Mario Bros. Movie would have ended up on the same boat with the 1993 live action SMB movie as a massive failure. Just in it's first week alone, it's made $377.6 million globally, $204 million domestically, and Nintendo and Illumination not only did everything in their whim to make sure that the disaster of the 1993 SMB movie would not be repeated, but to make sure that it's a family friendly movie, you know a movie where parents can feel comfortable about taking their kids to see. Woke agenda is what is killing Disney, it's what caused Lightyear and Strange World to flop, and the upcoming live action remake of The Little Mermaid is going to be joining those to movies in being disasters. So you really need to look at the big picture before you say that a movie is woke.
They want to represent people who fought long and hard to be seen, there's no such thing as a "woke agenda". We're all human and we want to appreciate other humans and their cultures and ideas.

What's so wrong with that?
where parents can feel comfortable about taking their kids to see.
the same family that gets upset over a couple being shown as human beings in some Pixar movie would get upset by the depiction of immigrants as human beings in this film and the depiction of a woman in a position of authority
I didn't say you didn't have a right, it's a request out of courtesy for us and this community because I find your opinions pretty rank.
Yes you have freedom of speech but there is also the freedom of criticism for that free speech
Sad news, it turns out The Super Mario Bros Movie is going to sully the important lore of Donkey Kong and has made Donkey Kong Cranky Kong's son and not his grandson.


I can't believe Nintendo would do this, they're not even respecting their own lore.
I was happy they made DK the son of Cranky. For one thing, this was evidently portrayed in the movie as the original Donkey Kong, who fought Mario on construction beams with barrels. I felt the canon was ruined when they began claiming this DK was actually "Cranky", and the current DK was either Junior or Junior's son (and they could never even decide between that!) That means the current DK is not the one of the original game. I feel such a split is unnecessary, and confuses the whole lore.
So to me, they've fixed the canon back to what it always should have been!
I've always said that Cranky should represent the original "kong" of the Crazy Climber game, which was like a predecessor to Donkey Kong, even had an arcade port by Nintendo, and its hardware used to run the "Crazy Kong" DK clone. That was basically the "father" of DK!

Otherwise, I loved the movie; everything that first one was not; beautiful 3D graphics (including the realistic NYC scenes like Odyssey), and elements of the games represented nicely!
As a mod, we really don't need discussion of what is or is not "woke" and the effects ir may or may not have had on what movies were and were not successful. Keep it cool.

(also freedom of speech only applies to the government not a forum moderation staff)
I was able to see the movie today, and it was quite good. Though there were some things that I did have to point out...
  1. Mario and Luigi would've been fully successful with their first plumbing job if the dog didn't antagonize them.
  2. Mario failing to reach the goal flagpole at the training area was rather sad. It would've been neat if he managed to reach the top of the goal flagpole; something that even Peach was never able to do.
  3. Did Princess Peach really used to live at Mario's world? All that's really known about her backstory is that she was adopted by the Toad residents upon entering their world, and was eventually crowned as their princess.
  4. Why was Bowser trying to marry Princess Peach? Something must've happened between the two, but it's never explained why they're on negative terms.
  5. Bowser's song, Peaches, sounded very corny. But I suppose that was the whole point.
  6. How Bowser was able to capture a Lumalee is beyond me. And knowing that some of the cages contained Goombas does suggest that some Goombas were against Bowser.
  7. Don't leave during the middle of the credits, because after the credits are done, there's a bonus scene that shows a Yoshi Egg, and implies that Yoshi will play a role in the sequel movie if it does come to pass.