Lego Mario Vs. Lego Luigi (Vote to Win)


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The way this works is that each day, people vote and make arguments for what they think is the better option, and at the end of the day, the thing with the least votes gets a point removed, last one with points wins. Please tell me if this style of elimination already exists. Also, the first vote tally will be at . GO!
Lego Mario [5]
Lego Luigi [5]
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Bob Craples

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I vote LEGO Luigi because:

1 Luigi is much better than Mario
2 When LEGO Luigi is turned off, he looks spooky, which works because Luigi's Mansion.
3 His set comes with poison, which is better than lava, which is hazard that LEGO Mario's set comes with.
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Mr. Krupp

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Voting LEGO Mario since I don't think LEGO Luigi looks like Luigi in general, and at least LEGO Mario looks slightly like Mario.