Domino effect

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It gets the entire site taken down by Nintendo

I pet a cat
It bites you, which causes you to get kicked out of where you were petting the cat, which causes you to hate cats forever, which causes you to unwillingly become friends with a talking cat years later, to stop an evil force that effects you and the cat personally, and you grow to like the cat during the journey, but when you confront the bad guy, he kills the cat and you take your revenge by killing him, and you pay your respects at the cat's funeral at the end.

I wish for pizza rolls.

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You can't wait and eat one while it's still hot. You burn your mouth so badly you can't taste and need medical attention. Even after getting it fixed, you detest pizza rolls forever and end up dying of starvation because you were trapped in a situation with only pizza rolls to eat.

I sneeze

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Wynn Liaw
You get addicted to the game and cannot stop playing it, resulting in you not doing your homework and getting scolded by your teachers. It continues for a month, and the teachers decide to speak to your parents about it. Your parents then forbid you from playing the game until the school breaks.

I do my homework.
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You cut your finger and die from blood loss

I post on a forum game that hasn’t been posted on for nearly a year