Heights of mario characters


No one has really discussed how tall each mario character is, I'd like to hear your opinions on it
I personally think the following:
Mario: 5'8
Luigi: 5'9
Peach: 5'11
Wario: 5'5
Waluigi: 6'2
Bowser: about 9 or 10ft
Yoshi: 6'3 (When Standing up straight, he definitely looks quite tall in some of the games)
Shy Guy: 4'2
Birdo: 5'10
Daisy: 5'10
Rosalina: 6'1
Magikoopa/Kamek: 5'1

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i dont speak imperial heights sorry but i had approximations based off of this height chart

and the assumption that mario is 150/155 cm tall according to some official sources (even luigis balloon world in odyssey supposedly measures his height to around 1.5 m but dont quote that on that i got that from tvtropes)
heres the whole txt file from late 2018/early 2019 of my height measurements. note that those are very much not official as not even canon can stick to how tall everyone is to comparison to each other, and probably arent even accurate to the height chart itself
whole txt file said:
if we base everything off of mario's height of 155cm, 1px corresponds to ~1,7 cm (1,722222222222222)
height for the kongs and waluigi is based on the tpose stance, or basically not slouching. their height might be the most inaccurate

- boo --------------------- 74cm
- goomba ------------------ 77cm
- bullet bill ------------- 89cm
- baby mario -------------- 92cm
- baby luigi -------------- 95cm
- shy guy ----------------- 103cm
! toads ------------------- 105cm
- koopa (para)troopa ------ 122cm
- dry bones --------------- 126cm
- bowser jr --------------- 133cm
- lakitu (w/o cloud) ------ 134cm
- hammer bro -------------- 143cm
- dixie kong ------------- ~152cm(no tpose so assumed same as diddy)
- diddy kong -------------- 152cm
! mario ------------------- 155cm
- lakitu (w/ cloud) ------- 165cm
- birdo (w/o bow) --------- 169cm
- wario ------------------- 170cm
- yoshi ------------------- 174cm
- luigi ------------------- 175cm
- piranha plant (w/o pipe)- 177cm
- daisy (w/o crown) ------- 178cm
- peach (w/o crown) ------- 183cm
- daisy (w/ crown) -------- 184cm
- peach (w/ crown) -------- 192cm
- birdo (w/ bow) ---------- 193cm
- wiggler ----------------- 220cm
- waluigi ----------------- 239cm
! bowser ------------------ 255cm
- donkey kong ------------- 262cm
- piranha plant (w/ pipe) - 286cm
- petey piranha ----------- 386cm

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Whewwww, after SMO New Donk City.. I think Mario might be more of a 3'(?)
Or it's the other way around, with the New Donkers being something close to 10' (3 m I think). As for the OP:

I think this video is pretty accurate, from my boy Buzzy Beetle standing at 2'6'' (76.2 cm) to Super (?) Bowser at 75' 10'' (over 23 m). Can't even imagine how big Fury Bowser can be.