Is there a way to share a link to a YouTube story (so I can use it as a reference on the wiki)?

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The mobile app version of YouTube has a Story feature like the one on Snapchat and Instagram that allows you to share short video clips (aka "stories") for your subscribers to see. Nintendo's channel recently posted a story in which they present the most popular answers from a survey they've apparently conducted. In it, content creators were asked to name one item from a Nintendo game they would take on a deserted island, with the top answers being "Star", "Fire Flower" and "Cape Feather" among others. While the survey itself doesn't seem too legit (it offers no technical details like how many content creators were involved or what type), it's still direct information from Nintendo that could worm its way into our wiki, and I feel like this type of Story-based content is definitely something we should keep an eye out for should they give any more bits of information like this survey's results.

The problem is that I currently see no possibility to link/save/archive this story, therefore I cannot use it as a source for the information I just provided. Another thing is that stories are deleted automatically 7 days after their posting. Is there something I can do to document it in time? Perhaps screenshots might help, if nothing else?
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I'm not sure if it's legal to download the video and then archive it somewhere (like upload that said video to the wiki) since a tool I use for YouTube video downloading faces heavy complaints from the music industry.


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They're intentionally deleted after 7 days so your best bet is downloading them. I don't know of any story-specific tools but you can use screen-recording software on your phone.