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So, I made 18 stages to be played in Mario Maker 2 for fighting. These will be available December 7 and I’ll post their codes here. Matches must be made through Multiplayer Versus lobbies. Steps are:
PREPARE! You must each take a different path to enter the stage.
FIGHT! Knock your opponent off-stage and you’ll get a point. Respawned opponents have the right to get a power-up from the pipes before being attacked. There are some rules to follow while fighting:

1. No hit-locking. This means chain-hitting your opponent with the same move more than 3 times without a way to get out. This applies to Hammer Suit and Cat Suit.
2. Stalling in Stages 10 and 17 is illegal. The clear pipe is there just for recovery reasons and/or for movement options.
3. No chain-throwing. This means grabbing, throwing, hitting and then repeating the same. More than once in a row is illegal. This applies to both suits.
4. Stalling in Stages 3, 6, 11 and 16 by throwing boxes into the water/lava is illegal.
5. Stalling in semisolid platforms with the Cat Suit in Stages 14 and 15 is also illegal.
6. Blocking pipes with the Hammer Suit is illegal.
7. Hit-stunning players below the Thwomp in Stage 15 is illegal.
8. No edge-guarding.

With that out of the way, we’ll sometimes organize tournaments and such. You can arrange matches here and make suggestions for stages and ideas. Have fun when it releases on December 12!
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Just a heads up: You'll prolly need a pretty alright laptop to both stream and use the card in general.

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Purr-fect day, isn’t it?
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I’ll take one slot.

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TIL smm2 has multiplayer