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  1. Blitz the Hero

    Blitz the Hero’s YouTube channel

    I’m starting a YouTube channel! It’s not getting done until probably November/December, but I will start posting Smash gameplays with my brother. More info and exclusive content will be posted here too, alongside my videos. You can also comment about them here
  2. Blitz the Hero

    Super Smash Flash 2

    This... is an underrated masterpiece. I wanna know if anyone else plays this game. There’s also some flaws I want to talk about but I would prefer to talk with someone instead of myself. So yeah, if you play SSF2 tell me in here and also tell your experiences with the game. We can also arrange...
  3. Blitz the Hero

    Imagine your OCs as Smash Characters

    So, here you can post how do you think your OCs would be like in Smash. Character balances, moveset, etc. You choose it! Now you can post how YOUR characters would be in Smash!