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    Super Mario Clash!

    So, I made 18 stages to be played in Mario Maker 2 for fighting. These will be available December 7 and I’ll post their codes here. Matches must be made through Multiplayer Versus lobbies. Steps are: PREPARE! You must each take a different path to enter the stage. FIGHT! Knock your opponent...
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    The Legend of Kirby

    Magolor is fighting a dark figure in the Xevon Dimension. Magolor: Where... He is ambushed and the dark figure holds him in the edge of the platform. ???: You’re going into oblivion. Magolor: Wait! No!! The figure drops Magolor into the abyss.
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    Hurt and Heal: Super Smash Bros. Infinite Characters

    Hit 1 item with 2, 2 items with 1, heal 1 item with 2 and 2 items with 1. [100] Mario [100] Luigi [100] Peach [100] Bowser [100] Wario [100] Waluigi [100] Rosalina [100] Donkey Kong [100] Yoshi [100] Bowser Jr. [100] Link [100] Zelda/Sheik [100] Ganondorf [100] Young Link [100] Impa [100]...
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    Blitz draws pixel art ‘cause he’s bored

    help Blitz, he’s bored Post anything you want me to draw in pixel art and (hopefully) I’ll draw it. =)
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    Super Smash Flash 2

    This... is an underrated masterpiece. I wanna know if anyone else plays this game. There’s also some flaws I want to talk about but I would prefer to talk with someone instead of myself. So yeah, if you play SSF2 tell me in here and also tell your experiences with the game. We can also arrange...
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    Imagine your OCs as Smash Characters

    So, here you can post how do you think your OCs would be like in Smash. Character balances, moveset, etc. You choose it! Now you can post how YOUR characters would be in Smash!