Super Mario 64: Shared Nightmares

Blitz the Hero

A grey cat with colorful eyes
I’ve had quite a few, but I will not mention them until later on. I’ve seen videos about these and I’ve found out some really scary ones. Here are a few.

“I was playing Super Mario 64 normally, until I go into Big Boo’s Haunt, I had to choose between to doors to continue, but one of them led to death. I chose the wrong one, and saw how Mario fell into two grinders. Then, I saw a pop-up message saying: “You chose wrong” then it disappeared and Mario jumpscared me.”

“I was in a basement when I saw a door in the floor, I opened it and fell down into a labyrinth where I was being chased by a strange beast and the maze was endless.”

These are a few, tell me if you’ve had or if you know one.

Blitz the Hero

A grey cat with colorful eyes

Yoshi the Yoshifan

A Calvin and Hobbes fan since 2017
I had some, some were simple but others really scared me.

This is one of the simple nightmares “I was Lakitu, doing my recording job, and when the pipe popped out, nothing happened... I was curious, so I checked the pipe... and there was nothing there... then I suddenly awoke, thinking invisible Mario killed me, and I was scared the rest of the day, thinking he could appear again...”